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2012-01 100年度科長級人事人員研習班實施人事案例研討課程訓練成效之執行報告 施能傑
2017-01 105年國際專責廉政機構評鑑指標自行評估案 廖興中; Liao , Hsin-Chung; 蘇毓昌
2017-01 「105年度大學招考長程規劃」結案報告 莊國榮; Chuang, Kuo-Jung
2016-12 「105年度研議修訂校園正向管教工作計畫暨學生事務與輔導創新工作專業人力要點計畫」結案報告 莊國榮; Chuang, Kuo-Jung; 呂明蓁; 柯慧貞
2017-01 「106年度研議修訂教育部駐境外人員任用要點及教育部駐外回部人員人力活化措施計畫」結案報告 莊國榮; Chuang, Kuo-Jung
2015-12 1999臺北市民當家熱線受理違規停車處理之空間資料探勘:以核密度分析為工具 廖興中; Liao , Hsin-Chung; 廖洲棚; Liao , Zhou-Peng; 陳敦源; Chen, Don-Yun
2013-11 1999臺北市民當家熱線違規停車陳情個案之空間資料探勘:以地理加權迴歸(Geographically Weighted Regression, GWR)為例 廖興中; Liao , Hsin-Chung
2018 1999萬事通巨量資料分析及深化運用之研究 蕭乃沂; Hsiao, Nai-Yi
2010 1999話務人員工作職能與服務品質提升之研究 孫本初; 傅岳邦
2021 2017年金廈返運海漂垃圾治理—政策網絡觀點 李辰恩; Li, Chen-En
2008 2020年台灣電子化治理的願景與方向:情境規劃的應用 陳敦源; 胡龍騰; 曾冠球
2021-06 A whole-of-nation approach to COVID-19: Taiwan’s National Epidemic Prevention Team 王慧敏; Wai-Man-Wong
2008-05 Accountability through Participation: A Case Study of the Designing and Implementing of the Citizen Supervision on Public Construction Program (CSPC) in Taiwan 陳敦源
2006-11 Administrative Reform in Taiwan: An Uneasy and Unfinished Political Job 施能傑
2015-05 Advocacy Coalitions and Policy Change in China: A Case Study of Anti-incinerator Protest in Guangzhou 王慧敏; Wai-Man-Wong
1993-06 The Application of Assessment Method to Managerial Ability Development for Executives 吳定
2018 Applying Self-Determination Theory to Understand Public Employee's Motivation for a Public Service Career: An East Asian Case (Taiwan) Chen, Chung-An; Chen, Don-Yun; 陳敦源; Xu, Chengwei
2020-07 Aren’t Public Servants the Key to Anti-corruption? The Relationship between Risk Propensity, Public Service Motivation, and Whistleblowing Behaviors. 董祥開; Dong, Hsiang-Kai Dennis
2019-06 Assessing Demand and Progress in China's Belt and Road Initiative: A Global Governance Perspective 顏良恭; Yen*, Liang-Kung
2011-05 Assessing Spatial and Nonspatial Factors for Primary Care Access in Ohio, USA 廖興中; Liao , Hsin-Chung
1994 Assessing the Dispute in the South China Sea Model of China's Security Decision Making 吳秀光
2009 Assessing the effects of service recovery and perceived justice on customer satisfaction with SEM Yang, H.-E.; Peng, Kuan Hsun
2012-03 Assessment of disaster losses in rice field and yield after tsunami induced by the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake Liou, Yuei-An; Sha, Hsueh-Chun; Chen, Ting-Ming; Wang, Tai-Sheng; Li, Yi-Ting; Lai, Yen-Cheng; Chiang, Min-Hsin; Lu, Li-Teh
2001 Benefits, critical process factors, and optimum strategies of successful ISO 9000 implementation in public sector: An empirical examination of public sector services in Taiwan Chu, Pin-Yu; Wang, Hsuan-Jung
2021-02 Beyond Ministerial Appointments: Issues regarding Patronage Research in Taiwan 黃東益; Huang, Tong-yi

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