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2010-05 Measuring e-governance performance: Theory and practice in Taiwan Chu, P.-Y.; Huang, T.-Y.
2011 Measuring performance of eGovernment to the disabled: Theory and practice in Taiwan Chu, Pin-Yu; Huang, Tong-Yi; Huang, Ning Wan; 朱斌妤; 黃東益; 黃甯婉
1991-02 Merit Pay in the Public Sector: America''s Experience 施能傑; Shih, Jay N.
2012-04 Motivational Bases and Emotional Labor: Assessing the Impact of Public Service Motivation Hsieh, Chih-Wei; Yang, Kaifeng; 傅凱若; Hsieh, Chih-Wei; Yang, Kaifeng; Fu, Kai-Jo
2012-04 Motivational Bases and Emotional Labor: Assessing the Impact of Public Service Motivation 傅凱若; Hsieh, Chi-Wei; Yang, Kaifeng; Fu, Kai-Jo
2000-01 New Institutionalism and Policy Networks 顏良恭
1992-11 Nonprofit Organizations and Stewardship: An Exploration of the Leadership Style of Tzu-Chi Association 江明修
2006-11 NPO的永續發展與契機—社會企業的使命與願景 江明修
2005 NPO與社區營造-個案與政策評估 江明修
2010-10 OECD高階文官團設計與台灣高階主管特別管理制度之改革 詹中原
2014 Open public sector information: Establishment of public-value oriented performance evaluation indicators 朱斌妤; Chu, Pinyu; Chang, Kaiyuan
2005-06 Participatory Planning through E-deliberation: An Experiment of Online Consensus Conference in Beitou Taipei 林子倫; 陳敦源; 黃東益
2005-06 Participatory Planning through E-deliberation: The Case of An Online Citizen Conference in Beitou Taipei Tze-Luen Lin; 黃東益; 陳敦源
2003 A performance evaluation model for governmental conflict management organizations – A study of labor management departments Shen, Chyi; Huang, Ching-Yuan.; Chu, Pin-Yu
1989 Perspectives on Organization Development (OD) Applications in Multicultural Settings 孫本初
2018-12 Policy Environments of Social Enterprise in Taiwan: A Cross-Sectoral Governance Perspective 江明修; Chiang, Min-Hsiu
2019-06 Policy learning without counterparts: Cases of administrative reforms in China and Taiwan 蘇偉業; So, Bennis Wai-Yip*
2002-09 The Policy-Making and Political Economy of the Abolition of Private Ownership in the Early 1950s: Findings from New Material 蘇偉業; So, Wai-Yip Bennis
2005-03 The Political Attitudes of Public Managers in Taiwan 黃東益; 陳敦源; 余致力
2010-10 Political Feasibility Analysis of the New Financing Scheme for the National Health Insurance Reform in Taiwan: An Application of Stakeholder Analysis Lin,Chao-Yin; Chen,Don-Yun; Liu,I-Chun; Hsiao,Naiyi
2005-06 Political Feasibility Study on the Reform of the Financing Scheme of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Program 林昭吟; 陳敦源; I-Chun Liu; 蕭乃沂; Lin,Chao-Yin; Chen,Don-yun; Liu,I-Chun; Hsiao,Naiyi
2017 Polycentricity and Collaborative Governance: Taiwanese Drug Prevention Policies and the Role of Policemen. 董祥開
1999 A Popularly-Elected Presidency as a Focus of Constitutional Choice: Explaining the Taiwanese Case, 1986-96 陳敦源; Chen, Don-Yun
1990 Positive-Findings Bias in QWL Studies: Rigor and Outcomes in a Large Sample 孫本初
2013-12 Practicing Deliberative Democracy in Taiwan: Processes, Impacts and Challenges 黃東益; Huang,Tong-yi; Hsieh,Chung-an

Showing items 151-175 of 3348. (134 Page(s) Totally)
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