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1990 QWL Improves Worksite Quality: Success Rates in a Large Panel of Studies 孫本初; Sun, Ben-chu
2006 Reassessment of the State Role in the Development of High-tech Industry: A Case Study of Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park 蘇偉業; So, Bennis Wai-Yip
2017 Redesigning Digital Governance Institutions in the Public Sector 蕭乃沂; Hsiao, Nai-Yi
2008-11 Reengineering municipality citizen electronic complaint system through citizen relationship management Chu,Pin-Yu; Yeh,Shang-Ching; Chuang,Meng-Chieh
1997-06 The Reevaluation and Outlook of Taiwan's Administrative Reform 江明修
2007-05 Reforming the Pharmaceutical Procurement Mechanism in Taiwan: An Appraisal of the Experience in Taipei City Hospital Yuntsai Chou; 陳敦源
2008-10 Regional Governance: Its Implication for the Governance of Greater China 蘇偉業
2006-12 Reinventing Government through On-line Citizen Involvement in the Developing World: A Case Study of Taipei City Mayor's E-mail Box in Taiwan 陳敦源; 黃東益; 蕭乃沂
2011 Reinventing Strategies of Oral Examination in Taiwan Civil Service Recruitment. 江明修; 陳定銘; 陳秋政; Chiang, Min-Hsiu; Chen, Ting-Ming; Chen,José Chiu-C.
1996-07 Reports of the Task Force on Burnout Norms 孫本初
1999 Resource-use efficiency in public sector: A study of civil services in Taiwan 朱斌妤; Chu, Pin-Yu
2009-05 Responsibility-based Performance Management in Chinese Context: The Case of Police Performance Management in Taiwan 蘇偉業
2012-08 Review of the book Digital governance: New technologies for improving public service and participation 張鎧如; Chang, KaiJu
2006 Review the State-Market Partnerships of Privatization Policy in Taiwan: The Cases of High Speed Railway Chunghwa Telecom and National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium 詹中原; 許耿銘
2006 Revisit the Philosophy and Policy Outcome of Privatization in Taiwan 詹中原; 王俊元
1992-03 The Rigor of QWL Evaluations Over Time:Evidence o A Modified Positive-Finings Bias 孫本初; Golembiewski, Robert T.; Ben-chu Sun
2000 The Role of Political Imprisonment in Developing and Enhancing Political Leadership: A Comparative Study of South Africa’s and Taiwan’s Democratization. Huang, Tong-yi
2011-04 The Role of the State in Economic Development ─The Case of Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)in Taiwan Jan,Chung-Yuang
2019-03 The roles of public educators for developing disaster-resilient communities: A knowledge brokering perspective. 張鎧如; Chang, Kaiju
2008 SBIR成效追蹤作業 朱斌妤
2010 Science or Politics? Problems with Advancing Environmental Policies in Managing Electronics Production Tu, Wen-Ling; Lee, Yu-Jung; 杜文苓
2018-03 Searching Motivations of Local Governments in Taiwan to Conduct Disaster Management Collaborations: Comparisons between Theoretical and Practical Perspectives 張鎧如
2006 Section Introduction: Electronic Waste and Extended Producer Responsibility Leslie Byster; Tu, Wen-ling; 杜文苓
2004 The Silence of Silicon Lambs: Speaking Out Health and Environmental Impacts Within Taiwan's Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park Chang, Sheng-lin; Chiu, Hua-mei; Tu, Wen-ling; 杜文苓
2011-03 Siting Nuclear Waste Disposal Facilities in a Distrustful Society 黃東益; Huang, Tong-yi

Showing items 201-225 of 3412. (137 Page(s) Totally)
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