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2008-12 To Reinforce or To Mobilize? Tracing the Impact of Internet Use on Civic Engagement in Taiwan Don-Yun Chen; Chung-Pin Lee
2019-06 Toward an integrative framework of dynamic capabilities in innovation-¬based public services: Empirical analysis in Taiwan 傅凱若; Fu, Kai-Jo; Chang, Teng Wen
2004 Toward Digital Equality: The Study of Information and Communication Technology and the Effective Public Service 詹中原
2019-05 Towards Evidence-Based Policy Deliberation for Environmental Justice - The Case Study of Civil Forums on Nuclear Waste in Taiwan 蕭乃沂; Hsiao, Nai-Yi
2017-12 Transfer to Western Model or Distorted Translation? The Policy Learning Process of Administrative Reforms in China 蘇偉業; So, Bennis Wai Yip
2005-12 Transition of the State-Business Relationship in China 蘇偉業; So, Wai-Yip Bennis
2011 Transparency in electronic governance: Freedom of information via governmental website Shiang, J.; Lo, Jin; Wang, H.-J.; 羅晉
2014 Understanding Democratization through Electoral Connection in Congressional Policy-making: the Case of the ‘Golden Decade’ of Social Policy Legislation in Taiwan. 陳敦源; Huang, Wun-Yan; Chen, Don-yun; Huang, Wun-Yan
2008-09 Understanding knowledge management and corporate performance: Test of an integrated model 朱斌妤
2016-05 Unknown Pollution: Knowledge Gridlock of Environmental Research in the High-tech Sector 杜文苓
2017-08 An Uphill Battle to hold High-tech Corporations Accountable: Lessons Learned from the Siaoli River Disputes in Taiwan 杜文苓; Tu, Wen-Ling
2018-10 A User Approach to Open Government Data Impact Assessment 朱斌妤; Chu, Pin-Yu; Lee., L.W.
2020-08 Using deep learning with convolutional neural network approach to identify the invasion depth of endometrial cancer in myometrium using MR images: A pilot study 董祥開; Dong, Hsiang-Chun; Yu, Mu-Hsien; Lin, Yi-Hsin; Chang, Cheng-Chang
2011-01 Using fuzzy analytic network process for selecting technology R&D projects Huang,Chi-Cheng; Chu,Pin-Yu
2011 Using Internet Survey to Evaluate the Effects of E-Government: The Case of Taiwan’s Tax Return Filing System 黃東益; 李仲彬; 蕭乃沂
2011 Vision 2020 – A Case Study of Web 2.0 Application to Public Governance in Taiwan 陳敦源; Pan, Ching-Heng; Chen, Don-Yun; Wang, Chian-Wen
2013 Web 2.0時代社群網站經營效能之評估:以政府部門與社會企業為例之比較分析 卓筱涵; Cho, Hsiao Han
2009 Web 2.0與電子治理的實踐:以「國家政策網路智庫」為例之評估與實驗研究 陳敦源
2019-01 Will Facebook encourage citizen participation? The case of Taiwan legislators’ Facebook strategie 朱斌妤; Chu, Pin-Yu; Tseng, H. L.; Chen, Y. J.
2019-01 Will Facebook encourage citizen participation?The case of Taiwan legislators’ Facebook strategies. 朱斌妤; Chu, P. Y.; Tseng, H. L.; Chen, Y. J.
2019-01 Willing to Change but Not Willing to Take Risk? Taiwan Civil Servants’ Innovation Tendency and Risk Tolerance. 董祥開; Dong, H. K. D.
1999 Zur Frage der Organisation und Legitimation der rundfunkrechtlichen Kontrollorgane 莊國榮; Chuang, Kuo-Jung
2021-06 「合得來」重要嗎?公務人員個人組織配適度對工作滿意度之影響 董祥開; Dong, Hsiang-Kai; 張鎧如; Chang, Kai-Ju; 陳敦源; Chen, Don-Yun; 陳揚中; Chen, Yang-Chung
1985 一九七八年美國文官改革法之研究 何思湘; HE, SI-XIANG
1984 一九七八年美國文官改革法之研究 何思湘

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