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2009 Experimental E-Deliberation in Taiwan: A Comparison of Online and Face-to-face Citizens Chen, Don-yun; Huang, Tong-yi; Hsiao, Nai-yi; Lin, Tze-Luen; Lee, Chung-pin
2000 Exploration of Outcome Feedback for Dynamic Decision Making Hsiao, Nai-Yi
2018-01 An Exploratory Study of Government Internal Labor Market in Taiwan: Balance of Interest between Individuals and Organizations 蘇偉業; So, Bennis Wai-Yip
2010 Exploring Citizens' Visions of the 2020 E-government in Taiwan: Results from a Scenario Workshop in 2008 Hu, Lung-Teng; Chen, Don-yun; Tseng, Kuan-Chiu
2017-12 Exploring Collaborative Competencies of Public Officials in Disaster Management 張鎧如; Chang, Kai-ju; 林柏州; Lin, Po-Chou
2008-10 Exploring internal and external service chains of electronic government services 朱斌妤
2008 Exploring internal and external service chains of electronic government services 朱斌妤
2004 Exploring Success Factors for Government Electronic Tendering System: Behavioral Perspectives from End Users 朱斌妤; 蕭乃沂; Fung-Wu Lee; Chun-Wei Chen
2009-05 Exploring the Relationships between Information Technology Adoption and Business Process Reengineering Lee, Ya-Ching; Chu, Pin-Yu; Tseng, Hsien-Lee
2004 電子化政府與商議式民主之實踐 黃東益; 陳敦源
2020 e管家還是e管區?數位身分識別證下的隱私計算 黃宗賢; Huang, Zong-Xian
2020 Facebook 影響政治人物與民眾互動之研究─以 2018 年桃園市議員選舉為例 許育誠; Hsu, Yu-Cheng
2003 Factors influencing household waste recycling behavior: Test of an integrated model Chu, Pin-Yu; Chiu, Ja-Fun
2020-01 Fighting COVID-19 in Hong Kong : the effects of community and social mobilization 王慧敏; Wai-Man-Wong
2016-02 Flexible internal labor market of civil service in Taiwan: decentralized job mobility fuelled by a centralized career-based system 蘇偉業
2018-09 Fostering Employee Cooperation Behavior in the Federal Workplace: Exploring the Effects of Performance Management Strategies 傅凱若; Fu, Kai-Jo; Hsieh, Jun-Yi; Wang, Tae Kyu
2014-12 Fostering public service motivation through workplace trust: Evidence from public managers in Taiwan Chen, C.-A.; Hsieh, C.-W.; Chen, Don-Yun; 陳敦源
2018-01 From Naive Expectation to Realistic Progress–Government Applications of Big Data on Public Opinions Mining 蕭乃沂; Hsiao, Nai-Yi; Liao, Z.; Chen, D.
2008-12 A fuzzy AHP application in government-sponsored R&D project selection Huang,Chi-Cheng; Chu,Pin-Yu; Chiang,Yu-Hsiu
2004-04 Global Governance and Domestic Genetically Modified Foods Regulation Policy-Making in Taiwan 潘若琳; 顏良恭; 吳德美
2009-06 Governance without Government: Emerging Private Environmental Authority in Taiwan's ICT Industry 顏良恭; 吳德美; Yen,Liang Kung; Hsieh,Jun Yi; Wu,Te-Mei
2005-11 Government Reform Experience in Taiwan (1990~2005): A Critical Assessment 施能傑
2018-11 Green City and Green Growth: Environment Governance as a Moderating Variable 張雅婷; Chang, Ya Ting*
2002-09 Growth of Private Enterprises in China: An Unintended Consequence of the State-Sector Reform 蘇偉業; So, Bennis Wai-Yip
2010-05 History and Context of Public Administration in Taiwan. 詹中原; Jan, Chung-yuang

Showing items 101-125 of 3462. (139 Page(s) Totally)
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