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2019-06 How do Media Coverage and Legislators’ Interpellations Influence the Tenure of Political Appointees and the Political-Executive Interactions in Taiwan? 黃宗賢; Huang, Tong-yi*; Huang, Zong-Xian
2008-03 How E-government Transform the Quality of Public Service—Comparison of Users and non-Users 黃東益
2014 How far does bureaucracy control the agenda of government personnel administrative policy in Taiwan?: The case of law-making for civil service neutrality 蘇偉業; So, Bennis Wai-yip
2019-10 How Regret the Civil Servants Are? The Impacts of Pension Reform on Civil Servants’ Willingness to Serve and Trust in Government. 董祥開; Dong, H. K. D.; Chen, C. A.
2008-03 How Street-Level Agencies Work Together to Contribute to Their Performance: The Household Registration Services in Taipei City Government 顏良恭
2011 ICT-enabled business process re-engineering: International comparison Lee, Y.-C.; Chu, Pin-Yu; Tseng, H.-L.; 朱斌妤
2012-12 Identifying Areas of Primary Care Shortage in Urban Ohio 廖興中; Liao, Hsin-Chung; Bowen*, William M.
2016-12 If Only We Knew What We Know: Factors for Mobilizing Citizen Participation in Community-Based Emergency Preparedness 張鎧如; Wu, Wei-Ning; Chang, Kaiju; Tso, Yi-En
2011-12 Impact of E-governance on Businesses – Model Development and Case Study Hsiao, N.-Y; Lee, C. P.; Chu, P.-Y.
2013 The Impact of Societal Culture on the Use of Performance Strategies in East Asia: Evidence from a comparative survey Berman, E.; Sabharwal, M.; Wang, C.-Y.; West, J.; Jing, Y.; Jan, Chung-Yuang; Liu, W.; Brillantes, A.; Chen, Chen C.-A.; Gomes, R.; 詹中原
2018-06 The Impacts of Civil Service Training Programs on Newly Hired Public Employees’ Public Service Motivation and Political Skill Inventory 董祥開; Dong, H. K. D.; Fu, Kai-Jo
2008-12 The Impacts of Internal Marketing and Service on Customer Satisfaction in E-Government Services 朱斌妤
2017-11 The Impacts of Voters’ Social Mobility Consciousness on Redistributive Value Preferences: A Study on the TEDS 2013 Data 董祥開; Dong, Hsiang-Kai; 郭建佑; Guo, Jian-Yo
2015 Improvisational Capabilities in e-Commerce Adoption: A Multiyear Comparison Tseng, Hsien-Lee; Lee, Ya-Ching; Chu, Pin-Yu; 朱斌妤
2005 In-depth citizen interaction with e-government from taxpayers’ behavioral perspectives Chu, Pin-Yu; Wu, Tai-Zu
2014 Individual Risk Preference and Sector Choice: Are Risk-Averse Individuals More Likely to Choose Careers in the Public Sector? Dong, Hsiang-Kai Dennis; 董祥開
2009 Ineffective Environmental Laws in Regulating Electronic Manufacturing Pollution: Examining Water Pollution Disputes in Taiwan Tu, Wen-Ling; Lee, Yu-Jung; 杜文苓
2014 The Influence of Network Management and Complexity on Network Performance in Taiwan, Spain and the Netherlands Klijn, E.-H.; Ysa, T.; Sierra, V.; Chen, Don Y.; 陳敦源
2017-04 The Influence of the Public's Political Identification on the Perception of Government Integrity 莊文忠; Juang, Wen-Jong; 徐明莉; Hsu, Ming-Li; 黃東益; Huang, Tong-Yi; 李仲彬; Lee, Chung-Pin
2016-01 The Influence of Trust on Network Performance in Taiwan, Spain, and the Netherlands: A Cross-Country Comparison 陳敦源; Klijn, Erik Hans; Sierra, Vicenta; Ysa, Tamyko; Berman, Evan Michael; Edelenbos, Jurian; Chen, Don Yun
2002-03 Information and Communication Technologies and the Delivery of Public Services 詹中原
2009-09 An integrated model for business process re-engineering Lee, Y.-C.; Chu, Pinyu; 朱斌妤
2018-11 The Interaction between Political Appointees and Career Officials: A Study of Bureaucrats' Tolerance of Politics in Taiwan 黃建勳; Huang, Chien-Hsun
2010 Intergovernmental Relations in Taiwan. 陳敦源
2014-02 The Interplay between Digital and Political Divides: The Case of e-Petitioning in Taiwan 黃東益; Lee, Chungpin; Chen,Don-yun; Huang,Tong-yi

顯示項目126-150 / 3462. (共139頁)
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