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2005-11 A New Vision of the Knowledge Economy 林其昂
2015-09 Obesity and inflammatory biomarkers in women with polycystic ovary syndrome Shen, Szu-Hung; Shen, Szu-Yu; Liou, Tsan-Hon; Hsu, Ming-I; Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan; Cheng, Chih-Yu; Hsu, Chun-Sen; Tzeng, Chii-Ruey; 成之約
2014-03 Old habits die hard: a nationwide utilization study of short-acting nifedipine in Taiwan 周麗芳; Chou, Chia-Lin; Chou, Chia-Yu; Hsu, Chia-Chen; Chou, Yueh-Ching; Chen, Tzeng-Ji; Chou, Li-Fang
2000-12 The Optimal Drug Policy in Low Income Neighborhood 張勝文
2001-10 The Optimal Drug Policy in Low Income Neighborhood 張勝文
1996-12 An Overview of Women's Employment Promotion Policies 劉梅君
2013 Partner-care in the East Asian system: Combining paid work and caring in Japan and Taiwan Liu, M.-C.; Osawa, M.; 劉梅君; Liu, Meichun
2008-11 Patterns of first visits to psychiatric clinics in Taiwan: a nationwide study, 2006 周麗芳
2005-10 A Preliminary Study on the Protection of Dispatched Workers's right to Organize or Participate in Labor Unions 成之約
2017-07 Quality of Work Life, Nurses' Intention to Leave the Profession, and Nurses Leaving the Profession: A One-Year Prospective Survey 劉梅君; Lee, Ya-Wen; Dai, Yu-Tzu; Chang, Mei Yeh; Chang, Yue-Cune4; Yao, Kaiping Grace; Liu, Mei-Chun
2003-01 Random Matching with Observable Past Actions: Experimental Tests of the Reputation Effect 徐麗振
2006-03 The Relationship between the Financial Performance of Government Trust Fund, Flexible Financing Scheme, Discretion, and Political Party: A Study of U.S. Unemployment Insurance Fund 何怡澄
2008-05 Relationship of doctor shopping and polypharmacy: a nationwide study in Taiwan 周麗芳
2005-03 Relative Efficiencies of Public and Private Institutions of Learning in Taiwan: Accounting for Organizational characteristics Effects and Statistical Noise in Data Envelopment Analysis 何怡澄
2003 Revisit China and Taiwan Unions Chyi-herng Chang; Trevor Bain; 張其恆
2003 Revisit China and Taiwan Unions 張昌吉
2007-07 The Role of Stability of School Quality in Home Prices-Evidence from the Puget Sound Region 黃智聰
2006-01 Sam Walton Goes To China: What MNCS Will Find When They Invest Their Foreign Capital In China's Human Capital - Discussion Chang,Chyi-herng; 張其恆
2018-12 Severance Payment System in Taiwan: A Historical Perspective 張其恆; Chang, Chyi-Herng
1992-11 The Social Rate of Return to Investment in Education of the Employee in Taiwan 張昌吉
2008-11 Spending Cooperation for the Provision of International Public Goods 林其昂; Lin, Brian Chi-ang
1986-06 Standardgesetz der Arbeitsbedingungen und Trends der Chinesischen Arbeitsbeziebung 黃越欽
1986-06 Standardgesetz der Arbeitsbedingungen und Trends der Chinesischen Arbeitsbeziebung 黃越欽
2016-09 A Study for Seniors' Suitable Jobs 王瀅婷; 成之約; 廖文志
2005 The Study of the Impact of Taiwan's WTO Accession on Its Sporting Industries 成之約; 林國榮; 周旭華; 徐世勳

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