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2006-02 Employment Relations Across the Taiwan Strait: Globalization and State Corporatism Chyi-herng Chang; Trevor Bain; 張其恆
2006-02 Employment Relations Across the Taiwan Strait: Globalization and State Corporatism Chang,Chyi-herng; Bain,Trevor
2008-03 Evaluating Board Governance of Public Service Pension in Taiwan: A Case Study of the Supervisory Board of Public Service Pension Fund 何怡澄
2007-09 The Evolution of ASEAN (Plus Three): A Recast of Gunnar Myrdal's Asian Drama 林其昂
2000-09 Experimental Evidence on Voting Rationality and Decision Framing 徐麗振
2006-09 Exploring the Attituteof Labor Unions toward Dispatched Workers in Taiwan and Its Policy Implication 成之約
2005-12 Fairness and Bargaining Power in Threshold Public Goods Experiments 徐麗振
2007-11 Financial performance index for not-for-profit hospitals 何怡澄
2018 From Model to Solutions? The China Experience and Its Implications 吳得源; Wu, Der-yuan Maxwell
2003-03 The Government Behavior Function: Empirical Study of Redistribution Effect on Unemployment Insurance 何怡澄
2016-10 Hospital Governance: The Key to the Protection of Labor Rights of Medical Professionals 劉梅君
2019 How the changing relationship between labour and political party has influenced growth of autonomous labour unions in Taiwan? 劉梅君; Liu, Meichun; Sarkar, Santanu
2013 Hyperhomocysteinaemia is associated with biochemical hyperandrogenaemia in women with reproductive age Lin, Y.-H.; Huang, S.-Y.; Hsu, M.-I.; Chang, Y.-C.I.; Cheng, Chih Yu; Hsu, C.-S.; Tzeng, C.-R.; 成之約
2007-06 The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on the Tax Effort of China's Local Government after 1994 黃智聰
2000-12 The Impact of Taiwan Joining the WTO on Taiwan's Agriculture Manpower Requirement: A Dynamic CGE Analysis 成之約; Kuo-JUng Lin; Ping-Cheng Li; Shin-Hsin Hsu
2007-07 Income, Working Hours and Work Incentives in Taiwan: The Evidence from 1981 to 2005 黃智聰
1994-03 Informal Social Control of Crime-Modification of Labeling Theroy (I) 劉梅君
1994-03 Informal Social Control of Crime-Modification of Labeling(II) 劉梅君
2012-07 The Information Technology Industry’s Brain Circuit under Stress: The United States, Taiwan and China Zeng,XiangQuan; Chang,Chyi-Herng; Bain,Trevor; 曾湘泉; 張其恆; Bain,Trevor
2000-12 Interjurisdictional Tax Competition for Domestic and Foreign Investment 徐麗振
1999-11 Law and Labour Market Regulations in East Asia-Taiwan's Labour Law 王惠玲
1992 Men and Women in Their Retirement years : A Demographic Profile 劉梅君; Liu, Mei-Chun
2006-01 MNCs in China: Regulation and Reality Trevor Bain; 張其恆
2004-10 More Government or Less Government? The Iron Triangle vs. The Middle Class 林其昂
2003-09 National Report Taiwan 王惠玲

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