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2007-11 Detection of Water Levels and Flood Volumes Using Digitized Aerial Images 黃灝雄
2015 Determinants of performance for agritourism farms: an alternative approach 丁秀吟; Hung, Wei-Ting; Ding, Hsiu-Yin; Lin, Sen-Tyan
2019-06 Developer obligations in relation to land value capture in Taiwan 丁秀吟; Ding, Hsiu-yin; Lin, Tzu-chin; 林子欽
2013-07 Development of a 3-D urbanization index using digital terrain models for surface urban heat island effects 吳治達; 龍世俊; 詹進發; Wu,Chih-Da; Lung,Shih-Chun Candice; Jan,Jihn-Fa
2004-11 Development of a Disturbance Index for Monitoring Forest Landscape Change 詹進發; Cheng C.C.; Hsu L.T.; Wang S.F.
2012 The development of a real-time valuation service of financial derivatives Peng, H.-T.; Chang, C.-F.; Liao, Szu-Lang; Kao, M.-Y.; Lai, F.; Ho, J.-M.; 廖四郎
2009-09 The Development of Industrial Parks in Taiwan Hsu,Shih-Jung; Liao,Li-Min
2007-06 The Development of REIT Markets and Real Estate Appraisal in Taiwan 林左裕; Lin, Calvin Tsoyu
1989 A Development Strategy for Neighborhood 4 in Cam-bridge 張金鶚
2016-10 Digital heritage inventory using open source geospatial software Jan, Jihn-Fa; 詹進發
2002-11 Digital Solution of Lens Distortion 黃灝雄; 林士淵
2018-09 The Dilemma of Housing Demand in Taiwan 張金鶚; Chang, Chin-Oh; Chen, Shu-Mei
2018-09 Diminution in Property Values Caused by Structure Defect- Concepts and Calculation 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin;  陳志豪; Chen, Chih-Hao
2015-10 Do Housing Options Affect Child Birth Decisions? Evidence from Taiwan 林佩萱; 張金鶚; 程天富; Lin, Pei-Syuan; Chang, Chin-Oh; Sing, Tien Foo
2020-12 Does A Farmland Zoning Program Impact Farm Income? Empirical Evidence from Farm Households in Taiwan 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin; Chang, Hung-Hao
2015-11 Does the Minimum Lot Size Program Affect Farmland Values? Empirical Evidence Using Administrative Data and Regression Discontinuity Design in Taiwan 林子欽; Chang, Hung-Hao; Lin, Tzu-Chin
2005-12 DTM GIS and DSS Applications in Forestland Ecosystem Classification and Suitability Analysis 鄭祈全; 陳永寬; 詹進發; 王素芬
1997-01 Dynamic Analysis of Real Estate Cycles in Taiwan 張金鶚; 彭建文
2012-03 Dynamic Modelling of Real Estate Investment Trusts and Stock Markets Lee,C. C.; Chien,M. S.; Lin, Calvin Tsoyu
2012-11 e-GPS水準測量精度研究 林老生; Lin,Lao-Sheng
2003-01 Economic and Social Status in Household Decision Making:Evidence from Extended Family Mobility 張金鶚; 陳淑美
2016-10 Economic resource relational network access in web-based graphical user interfaces Tan, Janet; Jan, Jihn-Fa; 詹進發
2016 Editorial introduction : Special Issue on &quot;Infrastructure and Transportation Planning&quot; Xu, Wangtu(Ato); Pai, Jen te; 白仁德
2016 Editorial Introduction : Special Issue on “Environmental Planning” Li, Yan; Pai, Jen Te; 白仁德
2016 Editorial introduction : Special Issue on “Urban and Regional Sustainability in China” Zhen, Feng; Pai, Jen Te; 白仁德

Showing items 126-150 of 4652. (187 Page(s) Totally)
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