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1996-12 List Price, Transaction Price, and Duration of the Real Estate Market in Taiwan Lee, Chun-Chang; Chang, Chin-Oh; 張金鶚
2013-05 Location-Demand-Based Residential Floor Area Ratio Distribution Method 蔡育新; Tsai,Yu-Hsin
2013 Long-term monitoring of Datun volcanoes using multiple SAR data Lin, Shih-yuan; Hung, Y.-N.; Kim, J.-R.; Hsieh, C.-S.; 林士淵
2012 Long-term monitoring of surface deformation over Datun Volcanoes in Northern Taiwan Hong, Yi-Ning; Yang, Feng-Yu; Lin, Shih-Yuan; 林士淵
1997-04 Long-term Relationship Between Financial Variables and Real Estate Cycle in Taiwan 林恩從; 林秋瑾; 張金鶚
1997-04 Long-Term Relationships Between Financial Variables and Real Estate Cycles in Taiwan 林秋瑾; 林恩從; 張金鶚
1989 A Low Cost Multispectral Imaging System 黃灝雄; Hsi-Min Chao
2018-12 Low-Cost Indoor Positioning Application Based on Map Assistance and Mobile Phone Sensors 甯方璽; Ning, Fang-Shii; Li, Yi-Shan
2019-07 Low-Cost Receiver and Network Real-Time Kinematic Positioning for use in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 甯方璽; Ning, Fang-Shii; Meng, Xiaolin; Wang, Yi-Ting
2015-02 An LS-MARS method for modeling regional 3D ionospheric electron density based on GPS data and IRI 甯方璽; Kao, Szu-Pyng; Chen, Yao-Chung; Tu, Yuh-Min; Kao, Szu-Pyng; Chen, Yao-Chung; Ning, Fang-Shii; Tu, Yuh-Min
1998-01 The Management of Rural Land Use: An Ecological Economic Approach 劉小蘭
2013-11 A MARS-based method for estimating regional 2-D ionospheric VTEC and receiver differential code bias 甯方璽; Kao, Szu-Pyng; Chen, Yao-Chung; Ning, Fang-Shii
2011-09 A mathematical model of Enterprise competitive ability and performance through a particular Emden-Fowler Equation Pai, Jente; Li, Meng-rong; Chang, Yue-loong; Chiu, Su-miao
2007-07 The Measurement of Taipei MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Tourism Attraction from the Inbound Tourists’ Perspectives 賴宗裕; Chang T. C.
2004-11 Measuring Tree Height Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data 詹進發; Chen Y.K.; Yeh K.S.; Cheng C.C.; Shih Y.H.
2014-09 Megaflood analysis through channel networks of the Athabasca Valles, Mars based on multi-resolution stereo DTMs and 2D hydrodynamic modeling Kim, J.-R.; Schumann, G.; Neal, J.C.; Lin, Shih Yuan; 林士淵
2013-03 Mitigating the systematic errors of e-GPS leveling 林老生; Lin, Lao-Sheng
2013-04 Mitigating the systematic errors of e-GPS leveling 林老生; Lin, Lao-Sheng
2012 Mitigating the systematic errors of E-GPS leveling using neural network method Lin, Lao-Sheng; Teng, H.-C.; 林老生
2013-10 Mitigation of atmospheric delay from InSAR processing Hung, Lien Chi; Tsai, Ya Lun; Lin, Shih
2000-06 Mobility Decisions of Extended Families: Evidence from Traditional Family Structure Households in Taiwan 張金鶚; 陳淑美; Tsur Somerville
2006-01 Modelling Forest Canopy Using Airborne LIDAR Data 詹進發; 黃灝雄; Su Sheng-Hsin; Kuan Li-Hao
2007-01 Modes of Condominium Management: a Principal-Agent Perspective 葉毅明; 張金鶚; 洪子茵
2009 Monitoring i-lan coastal zone using multi-temporal Formosat-2 images Jan, Jihn-Fa; Hsu, Y.-C.; 詹進發

Showing items 301-325 of 4607. (185 Page(s) Totally)
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