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1999 Pigouvian規畫理論、Coasian規畫理論和土地開發管制 邊泰明
2018-02 Planetary Geology Rossi, Angelo Pio; 范噶色; Gasselt, Stephan van
2005-09 Planning Strategies for Urban Sustainability in the Age of Globalization 賴宗裕; Chen Shang-Feng; Lai,Tsung-Yu; Chen,Shang-Feng
2018-09 Planning Strategy for Green Transit Oriented Development Using A Multi-objecitve Planning Model 白仁德; Liu, Jen Hua; Pai, Jen Te; Lin, Jen Jia
2011 Point cloud data enhancement by matching multispectral images Liao, Chen-Ting; Huang, Hao Hsiung; 廖振廷; 黃灝雄
2017-03 Policy Analysis of the Taipei Old Building Inspection Plan 廖珮君; 江穎慧; 張金鶚
2000-12 Post-Classification And Detection of Simulated Change for Natural Grass 黃灝雄; Chiao-Ju Hsiao
1995-06 The Pre-Sales House Pricing Model in Taiwan 張金鶚; Pai
2013-06 A prediction model for housing investment probability Chiou, Y.-S.; Chou, M.-L.; Chang, Chin-Oh; 張金鶚
2007 Preliminary Framework and Smulation of Urban Spatial Structure Dynamic Model on Two-tier Right and Un-right Angular Roadway 劉小蘭
2011 Preliminary investigation on integration of data acquired from Martian surface exploration Lin, Shihyuan; Kim, Jungrack; Wang, ChiPei; 林士遠
2017-07 Preliminary Study of UAS Equipped with Thermal Camera for Volcanic Geothermal Monitoring in Taiwan. 邱式鴻; Chio, Shih-Hong; Lin, Cheng-Horng
2016-06 The premium analysis of land auction 杜宇璇; Tu, Yu-Hsuan; 陳奉瑤; Chen, Fong-Yao
1997-01 Price-Volume Relationship between Existing and Pre-Sales Housing Market in Taiwan 張金鶚; 花敬群
1997-05 Price-Volume Relationship Between Existing and Pre-sales Housing Market in Taiwan 張金鶚; 花敬群
1998-08 Price-Volume Relationship between Housing Spatial Submarkets 張金鶚; 花敬群
2001-12 The Price-Volume Relationships between the Existing and the Pre-Sales Housing Markets in Taiwan Hua,Ching-Chun; Hsieh,Chengho; Chang,Chin-Oh
2004-06 Privatization and Its Overestimation of Public Interest 徐世榮; 廖麗敏
2006-07 Privatization, Partnership Planning and the Exclusion of Citizens-Role of the Third Sector to Take in Taiwan 徐世榮
2021-02 Processing Framework for Landslide Detection Based on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Intensity-Image Analysis 林士淵; Lin, Shih-Yuan; Lin, Cheng-Wei; Gasselt, Stephan van
2010 Property Tax Inequity Resulting from Inaccurate Assessment- The Taiwan Experience 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin
2017 Prospects for sub-regional cooperation in fujian and taiwan from perspective of urban planning system: A case study of pingtan experimental area You, Ninglong; Shen, Zhenjiang; Pai, Jen-Te; Kobayashi, Fumihiko; 白仁德
2004-07 Protection Forest Revision and Management Using GIS and Digital Surveying Techniques 詹進發; Jihn-Fa Jan; Chen, Y.K.; Chen,C.K.; Yeh,Q.S.; Kuo,C.R.
2009 The Protection of Property Rights through Compensation- Observations from Taiwan 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin
2009 The Protection of Property Rights through Compersation Observations from Taiwan 林子欽; Lin, Tzu-Chin

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