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2009-09 The Taipei MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Tourism Attraction Analysis from the Inbound Tourists’Perspectives Chang,Hsuan Hsuan; Lai,Tsung‐Yu
2002-07 Taiwan Real Estate Market in Post Asian Financial Crisis Period 張金鶚; Wen-Chien Jack Wu
2013-02 Taiwan's Five Major Metropolitan Areas of Taiwan Vulnerability Assessment of Flood Disasters Comparison Study 白仁德; Pai, Jen-te
2003 Taiwan-REITs評價問題之探討 江穎慧
2010-01 Tearing Down Buildings in a City Hungry for Land Lin,Tzu‐Chin
2017-04 The Tenure Choice Behavior of MRT Joint Development Housing in Taipei 白仁德; 江穎慧; 許加樺
2018-02 The Terrestrial Planets 范噶色; Rossi, Angelo Pio; Gasselt, Stephan van; Hiesinger, Harald
2014-12 The Causes Which Influence the Change of Spatial Development Pattern in Taipei Metropolitan Area Hsu, Kuo-Cheng; Lai, Tsung-Yu; Lee, Chin-Han
2019-02 The Effect of Housing Prices on Consumption and Economic Growth : The Case of Taiwan 林左裕; Lin, Tsoyu Calvin; Hsu, Shih-Hsun; Lin, Yu-Lun; 徐士勛
2019-06 The Effects of Green Energy Production on Farmland: A Case Study in Yunlin County, Taiwan 范噶色; Gasselt, Stephan van; Tsai, Yu-Hsin; Lin, Tzu-Chin; Lin, Shih-Yuan; Chen, Chia-Lin; Hsu, Chia-Hsin; 林子欽
2019-01 The Function of Leadership and Collective Action: a Case Study of the Promotion of Natural Agriculture in Wufeng District, Taichung City, Taiwan 顏愛靜; Yen, Ai-Ching; 陳胤安; Chen, Yin-An
2015-09 The non-linearity of hospitals’proximity on property prices: experiences from Taipei, Taiwan Peng, Ti-Ching; Chiang, Ying-Hui; 江穎慧
2014-11 The nonlinear effect of convenience stores on residential property prices: A case study of Taipei,Taiwan 江穎慧; Chiang, Ying-Hui; Peng, Ti-Ching; Chang, Chi-Oh
2019-03 The various ages of Occator crater, Ceres: Results of a comprehensive synthesis approach 范噶色; Gasselt, S. van; Neesemann, A.; Jaumann, R.; Roatsch, T.; Raymond, C.A.
2017-10 Thermal environment simulation of an East-West Street in Taipei 孫振義; Sun, Chen-Yi
2012-11 The Thermal Influence of Green Roofs on Air Temperature in Taipei City Sun,Chen Yi
2013-06 Time on the market and sale price of non-performing loan assets Chen, Fong-yao; Liang, J.-H.; Chan, N.; 陳奉瑤
2012-11 Toward generalized planetary stereo analysis scheme - Prototype implementation with multi-resolution Martian stereo imagery 林士淵;  Lin,Shih-Yuan
2019-08 Towards a new face for Planetary Maps 范噶色; Gasselt, S. van
2019-06 Towards a New Face for Planetary Maps on the Web 范噶色; Gasselt, S. van
2019-07 Towards a new face for Planetary Maps: Design and web-based Implementation of Planetary Basemaps 范噶色; Gasselt, Stephan van; Manaud, Nicolas; Nass, Andrea; Hare, Trent M.
2004-08 Traditional Institution and Institutional Choice: Two CPR Self-Governing Cases of Atayal Indigenous Tribe in Taiwan 顏愛靜; 官大偉; Yen, Ai-Ching; Kuan, Da-Wei
2003-08 Traditional Institution and the Institutional Choice:Two CPR Self-Govering Cases of Atayal Tribe in Taiwan Indigenes 顏愛靜; 官大偉
2000 Transformation of Taiwan's Energy Regime and Social Structure 徐世榮
2001-07 Transformation of Taiwan's Energy Regime and Social Structure 徐世榮; Hsu,Shih-jung; Hsiao,Michael H. H.

顯示項目476-500 / 4652. (共187頁)
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