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1998-06 Genetic Programming for Classification of Remote Sensing Data 詹進發; Jan, Jihn-Fa
1996-08 Geographic Date Exchange Format in Taiwan 何維信; Ge-wen Lee
2020-06 GEO‑pivoted carrier ambiguity resolution: a method for instantaneous ambiguity resolution in mid‑low‑latitude regions 儲豐宥; Chu, Feng-Yu; 楊名; Yang , Ming; 陳彥廷; Chen , Yan-Ting
2005-12 GIS與數位測繪於臺北市保安林管理之應用 陳永寬; 詹進發; 成晨光; 葉坤生; 郭家隆; 莊永忠
2014-12 Global commodity prices, Economic Activity and Monetary Policy: The Relevance of China 徐士勛; Klotz, Philipp; Lin, Tsoyu Calvin; Hsu, Shih-Hsun
2020 Google Trends搜尋數據與辦公室租金之關聯 鍾之琦; Chung, Chih-Chi
2003-11 GPS RTK與全測站經緯儀在都市地區土地測量的應用 林老生
2009-11 GPS精密單點定位在地籍測量之應用 林老生; Lin, Lao-Sheng
2008-09 GPS精密單點定位在測量之應用 林老生
2004-08 GPS結合全測站經緯儀在地籍測量中的應用 林老生; 陳怡茹; 林嘉豪; 林玲予
2003-09 GPS結合全測站經緯儀在地籍測量中的應用 林老生
2002-11 GPS虛擬距離多路徑模板壽期之研究 林老生
2012-11 GPS衛星定位測量觀測時間長度與基線精度之研究 甯方璽
2017-07 Green Buildings Value : Cognition from both ends 陳奉瑤; Chen, Fong-Yao
2015-08 Green premium in green condo buildings? Evidence in Taiwan 陳奉瑤; Chen, Fong-Yao; Peng, I-Wei; Liang, Jen-Hsu; Liang, Yin-Yu
2005-04 Greening an Asian Dragon: Reflections on Taiwan's Prospects for Local Sustainable Development 徐世榮; Yi-Hsiu Kung; John Byrne
2008 A grey programming model for regional transit-oriented development planning Lin, Jen-Jia; Li, Chia-Nung; 李家儂
2007-11 Grid Leveling Using a Ground-Based Laser Scanner 詹進發
2019-03 Grid Mapping the Northern Plains of Mars: A New Overview of Recent Water- and Ice-Related Landforms in Acidalia Planitia 范噶色; Gasselt, Stephan van; Orgel, Csilla; Wilson, Jack T.; Balme, Matthew R.; Conway, Susan J.; Costard, Francois; Eke, Vince R.
2019-02 Grid Mapping the Northern Plains of Mars: Geomorphological, Radar, and Water-Equivalent Hydrogen Results From Arcadia Plantia 范噶色; Gasselt, Stephan van; Ramsdale, Jason D.; Eke, Vince R.; Johnsson, Andreas; Kereszturi, Akos; Losiak, Anna; Massey, Richard J.; Platz, Thomas; Reiss, Dennis; Skinner, James A.; ; Swirad, Zuzanna M.; Balme, Matthew R.; Teodoro, Luis F. A.; Wilson, Jack T.; Gallagher, Colman; Susan
2014-06 Ground deformation tracking over Mt. Baekdu: A pre-evaluation of possible magma recharge by D-InSAR analysis Kim, J.-R.; Lin, Shih-Yuan; Hong, S.; Choi, Y.-S.; Yun, H.-W.; 林士淵
2018-02 Ground Truth 范噶色; Rossi, Angelo Pio; Gasselt, Stephan van
2001-06 Growth Management Issues and Establishing A Growth Control Quotas Framework in Taiwan 賴宗裕
2001-07 The Headquarters Office Location Change in Taipei Metropolitan Area 張金鶚; 黃名義

Showing items 201-225 of 4652. (187 Page(s) Totally)
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