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2011-07 The Collision Between the Socialist State and the Capitalist Market in China Tsai, Chung-Min; 蔡中民
2018-04 Color Meanings: A Contrastive Study between English and Mandarin 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong
1992 Conflicts Across the Taiwan Strait: 1951-1978 黃紀; Kim Woosang; Wu Samuel; Huang, Chi
2018-09 Confronting the Costs of its Past Success: Revisiting Taiwan’s Post-authoritarian Political and Economic Development 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Clark, Cal; Tan, Alexander C.; Ho, Karl
2004-04 Confucianism Religion and Democratization in Taiwan 郭承天; Ping-Yin Kuan
1971-12 Conlonial Rule and Alien Entrepreneurship: The Chinese in the Netherlandludies Indies 江炳倫
2014-09 The Consequences of MMM on Party Systems 黃紀; Kuo, Ming-feng; Stockton, Hans; Huang, Chi; Kuo, Ming-feng; Stockton, Hans
2004 Contending Identities in Taiwan:Implications for Cross-Strait Relations Wang, T.Y.; 劉義周; Liu,I-Chou
2011-12 Coping with China in Hard Times: Taiwan in Global and Domestic Aspects Leng, Tse-Kang; 冷則剛
1999-09 Coping with Democracy: Democratic Peace and Democratic Conflict Across the Taiwan Straits 冷則剛
2004-06 Crafting the Industrial Policy Network in the Digital Age 郭承天; 王文岳
2019-03 Crime, Punishment, and Political Education: A Benthamite Framework for Transitional Justice 陳建綱; Chen, Chien-kang
2017 Cross-strait Relations and the Taiwan Voter 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Ho, Karl
2020-09 Culture or Context? Comparing Recent Trajectories of Elder Care Development in China and Taiwan 錢宜群; Chien, Yi-Chun; Payette, Alex
2019-08 Dealing with Sample Attrition in Survey Panel Data: The Application and Comparison of Weighting and Multiple Imputation 蔡宗漢; Tsai, Tsung-han*; Tsai, Chi-lin; Tsai, Chia-Hung
1991 Defense Expenditures and Economic Growth: The Externality Effect 黃紀; Mintz; Huang, Chi
1990 Defense Expenditures, Economic Growth and the 'Peace Dividend&quot; 黃紀; Mintz Alex; Huang, Chi
1992 Defense Spending and Economic Performance: A Disaggregated Analysis. Mintz Alex; 黃紀; Heo Chi; Heo Uk; Huang, Chi
2008-05 Democracy and Cross-Straits Relations: A Case Study of the “Three-Links 冷則剛
2017-06 Democratic Belief, Cognitive Mobilization and Political Participation in Taiwan. 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Tsai, Chia-hung
2019-12 Democratic Prophets and Priests during Taiwan’s Democratization 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-Tian
2008-06 Democratic Religion and the State in Taiwan 郭承天
2013 Democratic Representation in Taiwan’s Parliament: Evolution of constituency service from SNTV to single member district electoral system 嚴震生; Yen, Chen-shen
2002-03 Democratic Stability under Taiwan's Semi-Presidentialist Constitution: Implications for Cross-Strait Relations 林繼文; Lin, Jih-wen
2020-01 Democratic Values, Collective Security, and Privacy: Taiwan People’s Response to COVID-19 楊婉瑩; Yang, Wan-Ying; Tsai, Chia-hung

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