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2006-09 Globalizing Shanghai and Taipei: A Comparative Aspect 冷則剛
2006 Governance of Biodiversity Conservation in China and Taiwan Gerald McBeath; 冷則剛; Leng, Tse-Kang
2003 Governing Crises after Taiwan's First Party Turnover 林繼文
1992 Government Revenue Expenditure and National Income: A Granger Causal Analysis of the Case of Taiwan 黃紀; Tang D.P.; Huang, Chi
1991 Guns versus Butter: The Indirect Link Mintz Alex; 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1992 “Guns” vs. “Butter”: Conceptual and Methodological Issues 黃紀; Mintz Alex; Huang, Chi
2016 Hannah Arendt政治思想的途徑 楊麗菁
2008-09 Hans Küng的國際倫理學思想研究 葉浩; 吳政諭; Yeh, Hao
2010-03-09 Holding Up Half the Sky? Are Chinese women given equal rights in political participation? Yi-Wen Yu; Shuo-Ya Liu; 尤怡文; 劉碩雅
2002 How Far Can Taiwan Go? Hsieh, John Fuh-Sheng; 謝復生
2009 How Koizumi Won? 林超琦; Lin, Chao-chi
2019-08 Human into Being: Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Taiwan 翁燕菁; Weng, Vivianne Yen-ching
2014-06 ICJ Opinion on Kosovo Independence and Its Implication for Taiwan's Self-Determination 郭承天
2017-11 The Idea of Chineseness and the Ethnic Thought of Wang Fuzhi 張其賢
2006-05 Identity and Democratic Values in Divided Taiwan 劉義周; Liu, I-chou; Chen, Kuang-hui
2012-06 Identity Politics between Ethnic Intermarried Couples in Taiwan 楊婉瑩; Yang, Wan-Ying
2006-09 Identity that beyond identity: Forming a nation-state or state nation 劉義周
2013-04 IIR and the Development of China Studies in Taiwan Kou, Chien-wen; 寇健文
2017-09 The Impact of Issues on the 2016 Presidential Election in Taiwan 陳永福; Tan, Alex C.; Clark, Cal; Ho, Karl
2001 The Impact of Public Attitude on Unification-Independence Issue in Taiwan's Presidential Election 劉義周; 何思因
1990-03 The Impact of Tienanmen Square Incident on the Republic of China 李國雄
2014-05 The Implication of the Ukrainian Crisis to Taiwan 嚴震生; Yen, Chen-shen
2012-03 In search of an Innovative state: the development of the biopharmaceutical Industry in Taiwan, Korea and China 王振寰; Wang, Jenn-hwan; Chen, Tsung-Yuan; Tsai, Ching-Jung
2016-06 In the Beginning, There Were Hermeneutical Mistakes of Church-State Relations in Modern China 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-tian
2011-04 Inclusion, Identity, and Environmental Justice in New Democracies: The Politics of Pollution Remediation in Taiwan 湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping; Tang, Shui-Yang; Chiu, Chung-Yuan

Showing items 201-225 of 2711. (109 Page(s) Totally)
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