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2013-05 2012年總統與立法委員選舉:選舉過程的回顧 劉義周; 陳陸輝; 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2013-05 2012年至2016年「臺灣選舉與民主化調查」四年期研究規劃(1/4)第一年期中進度報告 黃紀; 蒙志成; 莊文忠; 吳重禮; 傅恆德; 黃信達; 廖達琪; 劉正山; 黃秀端; 俞振華
2015 2014年美國與古巴復交之分析 蘇彥斌
2018-07 2016年第14任總統選舉暨第9屆立委選舉 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2019-05 2016年至2020年「臺灣選舉與民主化調查」四年期研究規劃(3/4)第三年期中報告 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2020-08 2016年至2020年「臺灣選舉與民主化調查」四年期研究計畫結案報告 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2021-04 2019年香港反送中運動對台灣網路輿情的影響 黃紀; Huang, Chi 
2021 2020年立委候選人臉書封面圖像策略 陳宇庭; Chen, Yu-Ting
2003-05 Accounting for Taiwan's Economic Policies toward China 冷則剛
2004-12 Accounting for Taiwan's Economic Policy toward China 何思因; 冷則剛; Szu-Yin Ho; Tse-kang Leng
2020-01 Actual and Perceived Polarization on Independence-Unification Views in Taiwan 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2019-06 An analysis of the 2014 New Zealand general election: do Internet use and online party mobilisation matter? 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Jung, Koochul; Tsai, Chia-hung
2015-01 Anti-Government Protests in Democracies: A Test of Institutional Explanations Su, Yen-Pin; 蘇彥斌
2019-07 Antipartyism and Public Opinion toward Presidential Unilateral Actions: The Case of Taiwan in 2017 蔡宗漢; Tsai, Tsung-han*; Yu, Ching-hsin
2010-12 Article 23 翁燕菁
2013-03 Asian Election Studies: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Heading? Huang, Chi; 黃紀
1993-05 The Aspects of Political Democratization in the Republic of China 黃德福
2007-05 Assessing the Impact of Mixed Electoral System in Taiwan: Methodological Challenges of Testing Interaction Effects 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1986-09 An Assessment of Teng's Bureaucratic Reform 1979-1984 李國雄
1988-03 An Assessment of Teng's Bureaucratic Reform: 1979-1984 李國雄
2017-10 A balance between candidate- and party-centric representation under mixed-member systems: The evidence from voter behavior in Taiwan 蔡宗漢; Tsai, Tsung-han
2016-09 A Bayesian Approach to Dynamic Panel Models with Endogenous Rarely Changing Variables 蔡宗漢; Tsai, Tsung-han
2011-09 Bayesian Inference for Dynamics of Slowly Changing Variables in Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data Analyses 蔡宗漢
2015-04 Behind the Economic Success of Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Industrial Park: Zoning Technologies under Neo-liberal Governmentality, Ongoing Primitive Accumulation, and Locals’ Resistance Tsai, You-Lin
2019-11 Bentham on Progress and Civilization: A Critical Reflection 陳建綱; Chen, Chien-kang

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