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1994 Privatization Within the Chinese State 郭承天; Cheng-Tian Kuo
2020-11 Prospects of an India-Taiwan Strategic Partnership: Economics, Security, and Expected Utility Theory 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.
2013-12 Pseudo Dichotomy: Hobbism and Kantianism in Political Philosophy 周家瑜; Chou, Chiayu
2003-04 Public Attitude on Corruption in Taiwan Ching-hsin Yu; I-chou Liu
2003-04 Public Attitude on Corruption in Taiwan 劉義周
1996-02 Public Attitudes on the Unification Issue and Presidential Preference in Taiwan 劉義周
2005 Public attitudes to corruption in Taiwan Ching-hsin Yu; I-chou Liu; Liu, I-chou
2012-06 Public Awareness of Inequality and Redistribution: the Case of Japan and Taiwan 林超琦
2012-05 Public Nomination and Direct Election in China Tsai, Wen-hsuan; Kao, Peng-hsiang; 蔡文軒
2014 Public Participation and Environmental Impact Assessment 湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping; Lo, Carlos Wing-Hung; Tang, Shui-Yan
2005 Public Participation and Environmental Impact Assessment in Mainland China and Taiwan: Political Foundations of Environmental Management Shui-Yan Tang; 湯京平; Carlos Wing-Hung Lo; Tang, Ching-Ping
2020-09 Public Policy Preferences Revealed in Referendum Voting 黃紀; Huang, Chi
1995 A Public-Choice Theory of Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia 郭承天
2016-10 Ready for a Female President in Taiwan? 楊婉瑩; Yang, Wan Ying; Lee, Kuan Chen
1969-12 A Reconsideration of the Systems Theory for the Study of Political Development and Social Change 江炳倫
1991-09 Reexamining the influence of Ethnicity of Taiwanese Voter Liu,I-Chou
1991-09 Reexamining the influence of Ethnicity of Taiwanese Voter 劉義周
1995 Referendum and Democracy: A Bumpy Runway for Taiwan’s Aircraft Industry. 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2008-04 Referendum and Democracy: The Experience of Taiwan 黃紀; Huang, Chi
2005-09 Referendum and Mobilization in Taiwan Huang, Chi; 黃紀
2015 Refining the Theory of Partisan Alignments: Evidence from Latin America 蘇彥斌; Miguel Carreras; Scott Morgenstern; Su, Yen-Pin
2011-05 The reform paradox and regulatory dilemma in China's electricity industry Tsai, Chung-Min; 蔡中民
2014-06 Regulating China's Power Sector: Creating an Independent Regulator without Autonomy Tsai, Chung-min
1996 Relations Between Economic Development and Democratization in Taiwan 郭承天
2008 Religion and democracy in Taiwan 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-tian

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