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2013-08 Between the Hierarchy and the Market: Managerial Career Trajectories in China's Energy Sector Liou,Chih-Shian; Tsai, Chung-Min; 劉致賢; 蔡中民
2018-12 Beyond Number: Women’s Representation in Taiwan’s Post-Reform Legislative Elections 楊婉瑩; Yang, Wan-Ying
2003-06 A Blue Tango: Electoral Competition and the Formation of Taiwan's Opposition Coalition 林繼文; Lin, Jih-Wen
2003 A Blue Tango: Electoral Competition and the Formation of Taiwan’s Opposition Coalition. 林繼文; Lin, Jih-wen
2021-06 Bureaucratising Co-production: Institutional Adaptation of Irrigation Associations in Ta 湯京平; Tang, Ching-Ping; Lam, Wai-Fung; Tang, Shih-Ko
2000-05 Business-Government Relations and Cross-Straits Issues 冷則剛
1999 Campaign in a SNTV System:The Case of the Kuomintang in Taiwan Liu I-Chou; Liu, I-chou
2004-09 Can Social Solidarity be Institutionally Engineered? The Case of Presidential Elections 林繼文
2018-04 Canary in the mine?: Taiwan, New Southbound Policy, and Regional Relations. 陳永福; Tan, Alexander C.; Ho, Karl*; Clark, Cal
2014-03 Capacity building for societal governance: managing knowledge for alternative development – an analysis of two cases in Taiwan 湯京平; 余孟哲; Tang, Ching-Ping; Yu, Meng-Che
1999 Capital Institutions and Reforms in Taiwan 郭承天; Shangmao Chen; Zonghao Huang
2011-04 Centrally-Administered Municipalities: Locomotives of National Development 冷則剛; Leng, Tse-Kang
2014-03 The changing role of the Institute of International Relations in Taiwan's China studies: Trajectories and dynamics Kou, Chien Wen; 寇健文
2014-03 The Changing Role of the Institute of International Relations in Taiwan’s China Studies: Trajectories and Dynamics 寇健文; Kou, Chien-wen
2017 Chapter 11: Tracking Tianxia: On Intellectual Self-Positioning in the Rise of China 張其賢; Chang, Chishen
2016-07 China's culture policy and the central-local relationship 冷則剛; Leng, Tse Kang
2004 China-Taiwan Inc.? Assessing the Impact of Economic Integration Across the Taiwan Strait 嚴震生; Yen, Chen-shen
2011-11 Chinese Religious Reform: The Christian Patriotic Education Campaign 郭承天; Kuo, Cheng-Tian
2013 Choosing China's leaders Kou, Chien-wen; Zang, X.; 寇健文
2006-09 Christianity and Democracy in Asian Pluralist Religious Markets: Taiwan and South Korea 郭承天
2019-01 Church, Capitalism and Democracy in Post-Ecological Societies: A Chinese Christian Perspective 郭承天; Kuo*, Cheng-tian
2011-10 Citizens' Awareness of the New MMM Electoral System in Taiwan: A Cohort Analysis Huang, Chi; Yu, Ching-hsin; Hsiao, Yi-ching; 黃紀
2011-06 Citizens' Awareness of the New MMM Electoral System in Taiwan: A Cohort Analysis 黃紀; 游清鑫; 蕭怡靖; Huang, Chi
2018-05 Classroom social environment and learning performance 陳宜美; Chen, Yi-Mei
2007-09 Cleavages, Elite Mobilization, and Voter Alignments in Taiwan Huang, Chi; 黃紀

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