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2018-06 Invisible Agency: A Theory of Displacement for Subalterns 看不見的行動能力:從行動者網絡到位移理論 Kanbujian de xingdong nengli: Cong xingdongzhe wangluo dao weiyi lilun Chen, Tzung-wen; 陳宗文
2010-03 The Invisible Family: A Qualitative Study of Suicide Survivors in Taiwan 關秉寅; Kuan, Ping-Yin; Lee, Jia-Fu; Chiang, Hsien-Hsien; Su, Pi-Yu; Tzeng, Wen-Chii
2007 Involuntary Job Turnover in Taiwan, 1996-2000 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping
2015-01 It’s Not Just about the Money: Gender and Youth Migration from Rural China 姜以琳; Chiang, Yi-Lin; Hannum, Emily; Kao, Grace
2014-08 Junus Jahja and Chinese-Indonesian Muslims in Indonesia 邱炫元
2001 Labor Importation and Unemployment of Local Workers in Taiwan Tsay, Ching-Lung; Lin, Ji-Ping
2007 Labor Market Interventions under Globalization: A Case Study of Chinese Taipei with Comparison to Some other APEC Economies 陳小紅
2018-05 Labor Migration, Family Separation and the Long-term Outcomes 胡力中; Hu, Li-Chung; Shen, Wensong; Hannum, Emily
2000 Labour Migration and Allocation of Human Resources: the Cases of Return and Onward Movements Tsay, Ching-Lung; Lin, Ji-Ping
2015-04 Language shift of Taiwan's indigenous peoples: a case study of Kanakanavu and Saaroa 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping; Liu, Dorinda Tsai-Hsiu; Chang, Ying-Hwa; Li, Paul Jen-Kuei
1978-12 Leisure Pattern in Taiwan: Its Present and Future 陳小紅
2017-09 The Limits of Reflexive Love, or a Zoepolitical Challenge 高國魁
2017 Linkage between pain sensitivity and empathic response in adolescents with autism spectrum conditions and conduct disorder symptoms Chen, Chenyi; Tan, Shuai; Fan, Yang-Teng; Hung, An-Yi
2017-10 Local-level immigration enforcement and food insecurity risk among Hispanic immigrant families with children: National-level evidence 陳人豪; Chen, Jen-Hao
2000-04 Location of Adult Children as an Attraction for Black and White Elderly Migrants in the United States 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping; Liaw, K.L; Frey, W.H.
2020-08 Marital Status and Self-Rated Health in China: A Longitudinal Analysis 胡力中; Hu, Li-Chung
2015-09 Marriage, relationship quality, and sleep among US older adults 陳人豪; Chen, Jen-Hao; Waite, Linda J.; Lauderdale, Diane S.
2012-08 Maternal Alcohol Use during Pregnancy, Birth Weight, and Early Behavioral Outcomes 陳人豪; Chen, Jen-Hao
2014-03 Micro Discrete Events and Macro Continuous Social Outcomes: Migration Flows Analysis and Scientific Computing Challenges for Social Scientists 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping
2018-01 The migration of labor between Taiwan and Southeast Asia: changing policies 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping
2013-04 Mob-ility: The social psychological foundation of online rabbling Huang, Arthur Hou Ming; 黃厚銘; Lin, Y.-R.
2015 “Mobile” Phones: The Time/Space and Society/Individual in the Liquid Modernity Huang, Hou-ming; 黃厚銘; Tsao, Chia-Rong; 曹家榮
1995-01 A Model of Women's Status Attainment:The Case of Taiwan 林佳瑩
2008-09 Mothers’ Citizenship Status and Food Insecurity among Low-Income Children of Immigrants 陳人豪; Chen,Jen-Hao; Kalil,Ariel
2013-03 Multiple Child Care Arrangement and Child Well Being: Early Care Experiences in Australia 陳人豪; Chen,Jen-Hao; Claessens,Amy

Showing items 126-150 of 1639. (66 Page(s) Totally)
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