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2015 “Mobile” Phones: The Time/Space and Society/Individual in the Liquid Modernity Huang, Hou-ming; 黃厚銘; Tsao, Chia-Rong; 曹家榮
1995-01 A Model of Women's Status Attainment:The Case of Taiwan 林佳瑩
2008-09 Mothers’ Citizenship Status and Food Insecurity among Low-Income Children of Immigrants 陳人豪; Chen,Jen-Hao; Kalil,Ariel
2013-03 Multiple Child Care Arrangement and Child Well Being: Early Care Experiences in Australia 陳人豪; Chen,Jen-Hao; Claessens,Amy
2013-02 Multiple Childcare Arrangements and Health Outcomes in Early Childhood 陳人豪
2001 The myth and the reality of privatizing social welfare services: A case study of Taipei city 陳小紅
2020-03 Neighborhood stressors and social integration, living arrangements, and characteristics and variabilities of sleep in old age 陳人豪; Chen, Jen-Hao
2016-02 The neural mechanisms of social learning from fleeting experience with pain 范揚騰; Fan, Yang Teng; Chen, Chenyi; Cheng, Ya Wei
2006-01 New Configuration of Taipei Under Globalization 陳小紅
2019-09 Nietzsche道德思想的當代意義:相對主義或多元主義? 黃厚銘; Huang, Hou-Ming
2018-07 Oeil Sociologique: A Case Study on Manet’s Chemin De Fer 陳宗文; CHEN, Tzung-wen
2021-08 Oh, the Education (You Think) You’ll Have! Relative Deprivation and Students’ Academic Expectations, Aspirations, and Attainment 姜以琳; Chiang , Yi-Lin; Nieuwenhuis, Jaap
2009 Older people's income security in China: The challenges of population ageing Chen, Hsiao Hung Nancy; 陳小紅; Fu, T.-H.
2006 Overlapping Social Networks: How Couples Manage Family Expenditures in Taiwan 熊瑞梅; Yang-Chih Fu; Chin-Chun Yi
2019-07 Overseas Education, Social Mobility and Ethnic Positioning: The Experiences of Overseas-Educated Malaysian Chinese Returnees 馬藹萱; Ma, Ai-hsuan Sandra
2018-01 The Oxford Handbook of Computational Economics and Finance 陳樹衡; Chen, Shu-Heng; Kaboudan, Mak; Du, Ye-Rong
2006 P2P的下載遊戲--Bourdieu場域理論的詮釋與應用 黃漢德
2003 Paradigm Shifts in Social Welfare Policy-making in China: Struggling between Economic Efficiency and Social Equity 陳小紅
2013-07 Paths toward Hepatitis B Immunization in South Korea and Taiwan 陳宗文; Chen,Tzung-wen
2004-12 Peace, Not War: Adolescents' Management of Intergenerational Conflicts in Taiwan Kuan, Ping-Yin
2015-09 Peer Effects of Cram Schooling on Academic Achievement of Junior High Students in Taiwan 關秉寅
2019-08 Playing Games, Doing Class: The Sociography of the Biggest Consumer Community 周冠廷; Chou, Kuan-Ting
2007-03 Political Context and Institutions of Social Safety Net 陳小紅
2011-03 The Political Economy of Cross-Strait Investments—Taiwanese High-tech Industry as an Example 陳小紅; Chen, Hsiao-Hung Nancy
2009 Position Generators, Affiliations, and the Institutional Logics of Social Capital: A Study of Taiwan Firms and Individuals. 熊瑞梅; Hsung, Ray-May

Showing items 151-175 of 1646. (66 Page(s) Totally)
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