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2007-06 Post-hospital care of stroke patients in Taipei: Use of services and policy implications 馬藹萱; Ma, Ai-Hsuan Sandra; Dai, Yu-Tzu; Chuang, Kun-Yang; Wu, Shwu-Chong
2019 Powered by Gogoro電動機車的拓展—科技系統的社會與空間對話 蔡鎮謙; Tsai, Chen-Chien
2014-02 Prematurity and school readiness in a nationally representative sample of Australian children: Does typically occurring preschool moderate the relationship Chen, Jen Hao; 陳人豪; Msall, M.E.; Claessens, A.
2001-12 Primary Migration of The Taiwanese Young Labor Force in the Context of Economic Restructuring and Globalization: An Explanation Based on the Data of the 1990 Census LIAW, Kao-Lee; 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping
2013-12 A Profile of Religion in Contemporary Taiwan Kuan, Ping-Yin; 關秉寅
2014-06 PTT推文與歧異文化:Mob-ility作為游擊戰 曹家榮; Tsao, Chia-Rong; 黃厚銘; Huang, Hou-Ming
2011 PTT的歷史與文化:mob-ility的理論視角 黃厚銘
1981-09 Public Housing Management: A Comparative Study on Different Type of Public Housing Estates in Taipei City 陳小紅
2019-08 Put an artistic eye on scientific practices: A Bourdieu-Bayesian model 陳宗文
1993-03 Race Differences in Retirement Life Cycle Experiences and Labor Forces Attachment 陳信木
1996-01 Race Inequities in Men's Retirement 陳信木; Hayward Mark D.
1996-01 Race Inequities in Men's Retirement 陳信木
2002-12 Rational Algorithms of Mate Selection From the Potential Marriage-Partners-Pool 林佳瑩; 陳信木
2002-01 Rational Algorithms of Mate Selection From the Potential Marriage-Partners-Pool 陳信木; 林佳瑩; Fu-Chen Hsu
2020-06 Red Flags: Grade Retention and Student Academic and Behavioral Outcomes in China 胡力中; Hu, Li-Chung; EmilyHannum
1992-06 Reform from Below: The Private Economy and Local Politics in the Rural Industrialization of Wenzhou 劉雅靈
2002-01 Reform without choice : case studies of state owned enterprises' laid-off workers in Shenyang Shanghai & Guangzhou 陳小紅
2003 Regional Economic Development Strategies in China 陳小紅
1993-05 Reply to Glassman 劉雅靈
2005-10 Representability and Estimation Effectiveness of Longitudinally Linked Cross-sections: An Assessment Based on the 1981-2000 Manpower Utilization Surveys 林季平
2011-04 Reproductive Contributions of Taiwan's Foreign Wives from the Top Five Source Countries 林季平; Lin, Ji-Ping,; Liu, Chien-Chia; Liaw, Kao-Lee
2000 Rethinking Migration Decision Making in Contemporary Migration Theories 馬藹萱
1999 Return and Onward Migrations and Their Determinants of the Young Labor Force in Taiwan: Evidence from the Data of the1990 Census Lin, Ji-Ping; 林季平
2017-06 The Return of the "Real": The Social-Cultural Implication of Ingress 黃厚銘; Huang, Hou-ming
2010-06 Review Article: Luisa Passerini, Love and the Idea of Europe 高國魁; Kao, Kuo-Kuei

Showing items 176-200 of 1646. (66 Page(s) Totally)
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