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2006-06 Network Topologies and Comsumption Externalities 陳樹衡
2005-06 Network Topologies and Consumption Externality 陳樹衡; L.-C. Sun
2005-05 Network Topologies and Network Externality 陳樹衡; L.-C. Sun; C.-H. Wang
2008 Network Topology of an Experimental Futures Exchange 陳樹衡; Chen,S.H.; Wang,S.C.; Tseng,J.J.; Tai,C.C.; Lai,K.H.; Wu,W.S.; Li,S.P.
2015-06 Network-Based Trust Games: An Agent-Based Model 陳樹衡; Chen, Shu-Heng; Chie, Bin-Tzong; Zhang, Tong
2011 Neural network models of learning and categorization in multigame experiments Marchiori, Davide; wargline, M.; 馬大衛
2002 Neural Networks, VECM's and Divisia Money: Evidence from Taiwan Chen, Shu-heng; Gazely, Alicia M.; Binner, Jane; 陳樹衡
2014-01 Neuroeconomics and agent-based computational economics Chen, Shu-Heng; 陳樹衡
2011 Neuroeconomics: A Viewpoint from Agent-Based Computational Economics Chen, Shu-Heng; Wang, Shu G.; 陳樹衡
2010 Neuroeconomics: A viewpoint from agent-based computational economics Chen, Shu Heng; Wang, Shu G.; 陳樹衡; 王卓脩
2008-08 New Evidence on the Link between Housing Environment and Children’s Educational Attainments: The Case of Taiwan Lin,Chu-Chia; Lien,Hsien-Ming; Wu,Wen-Chieh
2011-09 A New Revisit Evidence of Stock Markets' Interrelationships in the Greater China Lin,Chu-Chia; Fang,Chung-rou; Cheng,Hui-Pei
2002 No-Fault for Motor Vehicles: An Economic Analysis 廖郁萍; Yu-Ping Liao; Michelle J. White; Liao, Y-P.; White, M.J.
2005-03 Nominal Income Targeting versus Money Growth Targeting in an Endogenously Growing Economy 蕭明福; Shaw, Ming-Fu
2006-03 (Non)Optimality of the Friedman Rule and Optimal Taxation in a Growing Economy 蕭明福; 張俊仁; 賴景昌
2009 Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data for Climate Change Economic Analysis 李慧琳; Lee,Huey-Lin
2008 Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data for Climate Change Economic Analysis. GTAP Working Paper No. 43. 李慧琳; Lee,Huey-Lin
2013-12 Non-price Competition in a Modular Economy: An Agent-Based Computational Model Chie, Bin-Tzong; Chen, Shu-Heng; 陳樹衡
2011 Non-Price Competition in an Agent-Based Modular Economy 陳樹衡; Bin-Tzong Chie
2008-04 Non-productive consumption loans and threshold effects in the inflation-growth relationship 洪福聲; Hung, Fu-Sheng
1996-06 Nonliear Dynamic System and Chaos control 毛維凌
2016-09 A note on environment-dependent time preferences 賴景昌; Chu, Hsun; Lai, Ching-Chong; Liao, Chih Hsing
2012 A note on indeterminacy and investment adjustment costs in an endogenously growing small open economy Chin, Chin C.-T.; Guo, J.-T.; Lai, Ching-Chong; 賴景昌
2013-11 A Note to Investigate the Welfare: When the Upstream Firm Enters the Downstream Market Fu, Chung-Yuan; Chou, Li-Chen; Lin, Shiue-Hung.; 周秝宸; 林學宏
2015-06 Notes on a ‘Constructive Proof of the Existence of a Collateral Equilibrium’ Ragupathy, Venkatachalam; Velupillai, K. Vela

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