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2005 Special Issue on Computational Intelligence in Economics and Finance 陳樹衡; Chen, Shu-Heng; Wang, Paul
2012 Special issue: Constructive and computable analysis in mathematical finance---the Festschrift issue for Prof Kumaraswamy (Vela) Velupillai---Editor's introduction Chen, S.-H.; 陳樹衡
1997-08 Speculative Trades and Financial Regulations: Simulation Based on Genetic Programming 陳樹衡; C.-H. Yeh
1997-03 Speculative Trades and Financial Regulations:Simulations Based on Genetic Programming Chen,Shu-Heng; Yeh,Chia-Hsuan
2010-11 The Spillover Effects of R&D on the Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan's Metropolitan Areas Lin,Hsin-yi; Liu,Hsiao-Lan; Peng,Shin-Kun
2008 Stagnated Wage and Widened Income Distribution: The Seven Missing Years of Taiwan 林祖嘉; Lin, Chu-chia Steve
2004 Statistical Analysis of Genetic Algorithms in Discovering Technical Trading Strategies 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng; Tsao,Chueh-Yung
2000-06 Statistical Analysis of Genetic Algorithms in Market Timing 陳樹衡; W.-Y. Lin; C.-Y. Tsao
2009 Statistical Properties of an Experimental Political Futures Markets Chen,Shu-Heng; WANG,SUN-CHONG; LI,SAI-PING; TAI,CHUNG-CHING; 陳樹衡
1996-04 Stochastic Complexity and Stock Market Efficiency 陳樹衡; C. Tan
1997-07 Stock Market Efficiency and Predictive Stochastic Complexity 陳樹衡; C.-W. Tan
2006 Stock Trend Analysis and Trading Strategy Chen, Shu-heng; He, Hongxing; Chen, Jie; Jin, Huidong; 陳樹衡
2013-03 Strategic Delegation in a Multiproduct Mixed Industry Ho, Shirley J.; Sung, Hao-Chang
2013-12 The strategic impacts of a success CEO Ho, Shirley J.; 何靜嫺
2010-06 Strategic Pricing Behavior under Asset Value Maximization Wang,Shinn-Shyr; Stiegert,Kyle W.; Dhar,Tirtha
2009-04 Structural Change and Market Power in the U.S. Food Manufacturing Sector 王信賢; Wang, Shinn-Shyr
2015-11 Study Habits and Examination Performance in an Online Learning Microeconomics Course 陳鎮洲; Chen, Jennjou; Lin, Tsui-Fang
2009-08 A Study of Anti-Dumping Duty under Fair Trade Rule : An Application on the Case of China Towels in Taiwan Lee,Shu-Yuan; Weng,Yung-Ho; Lin,Peng-Yin; Hung,Sheng-Ti
2000-06 A Study of Competitiveness of International Tourism in the South East Asian Region 王國樑; 吳中書
1999-07 A Study of Input-Based Production Efficiencies of Integrated Securities Firms in Taiwan 王國樑; Chih-Chiang Weng; Yeh-Tai Tseng
2003-03 A study of production efficiencies of integrated securities firms in Taiwan Wang, Kuo-Liang; Tseng, Y.-T.; Weng, C.-C.; 王國樑
1999-05 A Study of Technical Efficiencies of CPA Firms in Taiwan Cheng Ting-Wong; 王國樑; Chih-Chiang Weng
2000-11 A Study of Technical Efficiencies of Travel Agencies in Taiwan 王國樑; Chih-Chang Weng; Mei-Lin Chang
1996-04 A Study of the Competitiveness of International Tourism in Taiwan 蔡攀龍; 王國樑
2003-06 A Study of the Feasibility of the Tiering System in Taiwan’s Cable TV Market 王國樑; Mei-Lin Chang

Showing items 926-950 of 3238. (130 Page(s) Totally)
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