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1996-07 The Determinants of Intra-Industry Direct Foreign Investment: Theory and Evidence for the U.S. and the Rest of the World in Manufacturing Industries 翁永和
1998-03 The Determinants of Intra-Industry Direct foreign Investment: Theory and Evidence for the US Manufacturing 翁永和; Weng, Yung-Ho
2012-05 Determinants of Labor Force Participation of Older Married Men in Taiwan Chiu,Chuang-Yi; Chen,Jennjou
2013-12 Determinants of Labor Force Participation of Older Married Men in Taiwan Chiu, Chuang-Yi; 陳鎮洲
2017-02 The Determinants of Pornography Actress Production 王信實; Wang, Shinn-Shyr; Chou, Li-Chen
2012 Developing foresight-based IT governance strategies through scenario analysis Tang, K.-T.; Chou, S.-K.; 周宣光
2005-06 Development of China-Hong Kong CEPA and Its Impact on Taiwan 林祖嘉
2009 Direct Flights and Economic Development of Taiwan 林祖嘉; Lin, Chu-chia Steve
1994 Direct Foreign Investment Industrial Integration and Economic China: The Point of View of Taiwan 林祖嘉
1999 Dirichlet分配,非短視行為,與演化性賽局 洪明君
2004 Discovering c Programming with Lambda Abstraction 陳樹衡; Chen,Shu-Heng
2004-07 Discovering Financial Patterns in the Foreign Exchange Markets 陳樹衡; C.-Y. Tsao
1999 Discovering Trading Rules with Genetic Algorithms: An Empirical Study Based on GARCH Times Series 陳樹衡; C.-Y. Tsao
2004-07 Discussing the Survivability Issue in Agent-Based Artificial Stock Market 陳樹衡; C.-C.Tai
2019-12 Disentangling the Source of Non-stationarity in a Panel of Seasonal Data 徐士勛; Hsu, Shih-Hsun
2020-07 Do Cooperative Based Learning Groups Help Students Learn Microeconomics? 陳鎮洲; Chen, Jennjou; Lin, Tsui-Fang
2018-11 Do Information Quantity and Transmission Make a Difference to the Stable Contrarian? 陳樹衡; Lin, Hung-Wen; Huang, Jing-Bo; Lin, Kun-Ben; Chen, Shu-Heng; Chen, Shu-Heng
2014-12 Do Labor Unions Hinder or Boost International Outsourcing? Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing 翁永和; Hsu, Kuang-Chung; Lin, Shinn-Juh; Weng, Yungho
2009-04 Do Options Contribute to Price Discovery in Emerging Markets? Chan, Kam C.; Chang, Yuan-Chen; Lung, Peter P.; 張元晨
2015-12 Do Quantitative Monetary Targets Matter? 林馨怡; Lin, Hsin-Yi
2012-06 Do Supplemental Online Recorded Lectures Help Students Learn Microeconomics? Chen,Jennjou; Lin,Tsui-Fang
2011-11 Do the ASEAN Countries and Taiwan Form a Common Currency Area? Binner,Jane; Chen,Shu-Heng; Lai,Ke-Hung; Mullineux,Andrew; Swofford,James L.; 陳樹衡
2010 Does Cognitive Capacity Matter when Learning Using Genetic Programming in Double Auction Markets? 陳樹衡; Chen, Shu-Heng; Tai, Chung-Ching; Wang, Shu G.
2018-06 Does competition inhibit fairness and altruism? Caginalp, Gunduz; 何靜嫺; Ho, Shirley J.
2008-11 Does Downloading PowerPoint Slides Before the Lecture Lead to Better Student Achievement? Chen,Jennjou; Lin,Tsui-Fang

Showing items 226-250 of 3264. (131 Page(s) Totally)
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