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Title: 論《四書章句集注》對聖賢授受語境的承繼與開展
Other Titles: The Lineage and Discourse of Teaching and Learning in the "Variorum of the Four Books"
Authors: 陳志信
Chen, Chih-hsin
Keywords: 朱熹;四書章句集注;道統;授受語境;注經行動
Zhu Xi;"Variorum of the Four Books";"Sishu Zhangju Jizhu";Confucian orthodoxy;sphere of teaching and learning;Jing-commentary movement;Classical commentary movement
Date: 2014-12
Issue Date: 2016-05-25 11:58:57 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 若尊重儒者作為引讀經典的解人該身分認同,遵循某注疏體例對待典籍、引導讀者的方式來看待注解,我們將發覺經注實可視作是紙筆間展開的,那注經者面對預想讀注者開示經旨的喻道場合。本文鎖定朱熹(1130-1200)《四書章句集注》進行研究。我們發現:該經注乃注者自宋儒經說(主要是二程)聞道,決意採誦經指南形制以圖發揮引領誦習功效的注解。藉此簡明注本,朱熹上溯古來聖君賢相授受至道的譜系,揭明《四書》乃未得君師位置的孔門祖孫(孔子、子思)、師徒(孔子、曾子、子思、孟子)傳喻至道的場合或語境,且申明自家即從《四書》曉聞道旨的經驗;於是面對《章句集注》的預想讀者,他作注乃承接聖賢授受傳統的又一次講道場合或語境了。在注經行動中,朱熹一本《四書》語文特色,他或者側重解析章句,或者務力咀嚼文意和勾聯文脈,從而舉揚了《大學》、《中庸》裡的「格致」、「誠意」和「慎獨」,《論語》、《孟子》裡的「克己復禮」、「求放心」和「存夜氣」,以呼應堯、舜、禹來的「允執厥中」、還有「人心惟危、道心惟微」諄諄告誡。職是,藉著對經典語文的再三致意,朱子的道統大業終將趨近完成。
Many scholars and editors contributed to the project of the Explanatory Notes to the Five Classics in Tang Dynasty. The studies on the scholars and editors are however relatively scarce, because little historical records on them are available. To bridge the gap, this paper aims to look into the life of Ma Chia-Yun, one of the famous scholars who participated in the project, so as to provide a clearer picture of the Confucian studies in the beginning of Tang Dynasty. Firstly, certain historical records are drawn from New Book of Tang (Shin Tang Shu) and Book of Tang (Joe Tang Shu) and Retribution after Death (Ming Bao Gee) in order to piece together the life experiences of Ma Chia-Yun. Secondly, the time point where he critiqued Kong Yin-Da and his impact on the studies of the Explanatory Notes to the Five Classics are also examined. The result of the above studies would shed more light on the editing process of Explanatory Notes to the Five Classics in the 16th year of Zhenguan period and the history of the study of Confucian classics in Tang Dynasty.
Relation: 政大中文學報, 22, 183-214
Bulletin of the Department of Chinese Literature National Chengchi University
Data Type: article
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