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Title: 「問題」青少年? 俄羅斯青少年次文化分析
Authors: 邱瑞惠
Chiu, Jui-hui
Keywords: 問題青少年;青少年次文化團體;俚語;煙草;酒精;毒品;光頭黨
“youth-as-trouble” + youth subcultural groups + slang + tobacco + alcohol + drugs + skinhead
Date: 2005-06
Issue Date: 2016-05-30 16:38:31 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 英國伯明罕大學當代文化研究中心學者黑迪吉(Dick Hebdige)於1988年關於青少年次文化重要的論文〈閃光燈下:對青少年的監視與展示〉(Hiding in the light: youth surveillance and display)中,將青少年次文化的呈現分為兩類-「問題青少年」(youth-as-trouble)與「享樂青少年」(youth-as-fun)。 俄國青少年次文化的內涵,呈現出黑迪吉所界定的青少年形象。全球化浪潮下、資本主義經濟系統席捲了開放後的蘇聯,使得一部分青少年將消費時尚當作生活重心(享樂青少年);而蘇聯解體後,俄羅斯社會急遽變遷,青少年在政經局勢不穩下,以對主流文化的反抗來尋求認同的意義,則呈現出問題青少年的形象。 本文探討俄國青少年次文化中「問題青少年」的層面,在這樣的層面中所造成的社會問題,尤其是煙草、酒精、毒品、及光頭黨的橫行,並分析青少年次文化團體(拜客族Байкеры、嬉皮Хиппи、金屬派Металлисты、龐克Панки、說唱族Рэперы、滑板族Роллеры、光頭黨Скинхэды、足球迷Футбольные болельщики)的特性,及其常用的俚語(сленг)。
The scholar Dick Hebidge of the Birmingham University Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies , at 1988 in an important youth subculture article “Hiding in the light: youth surveillance and display” characterized youth subcultures as “youth-as-trouble” and “youth-as-fun”. Russian youth subculture demonstrates the image that Hebdige defined. The Soviet Union under the globalization tide, the capitalist economic system is swept across Russia, which made some of the Russian young people regard consuming as the most important thing in life (image “youth-as-fun”) ; and after the Soviet Union disintegrates, Russia's society rapid changes, Russian youth under the unstable political and economic situation, they resist major culture in order to seek the meaning of self-identity. This paper focuses on the “youth-as-trouble” aspect in Russia, and social problems caused in such an aspect, especially tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and skinhead. And analyze the characteristic of Russian youth cultural groups (Байкеры, Хиппи, Металлисты, Панки, Рэперы, Роллеры, Скинхэды, Футбольные болельщики), and their commonly used slang.
Relation: 俄語學報,9,125-149
Journal of Russian Philology
Data Type: article
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