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Title: 台灣北部地區大學生的價值觀念與生活型態之研究
Other Titles: The VaIues and Life Style of College Students in Northern Taiwan
Authors: 翁淑緣
Date: 1984-08
Issue Date: 2016-06-04 13:18:59 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本研究以政大、台大、東吳三所大學自問郡的大學生共248人為受試者,取得他們在生活型態AlO量表、Rokeach價值量表的資料。本研究的主要發現如下:1.大學男女生都較重視個人內在價值,較不重視祉會外餘的價值。2.在價值觀方面,大學男生比女生更重視「成就」。3.在生活型態方面,女生比男生要自認是「崇尚時髦趕上潮流」'男生比女生更自認是「獨立自信富有才華」,更持著「傳統的性別角色」觀念,更「愛好社交」。4.不同學院的大學生在價值觀方面沒有顯著差異,而在生活型態方面則有若干顯著差異。 5.趨向分析發現家庭收入愈低的大學生愈重視「自尊」和「親和」的價值觀。6.正準相關發現男大學生的「自尊」、「才智」 、「體面」價值觀與「關心物品價格及購買便利」及「崇尚時髦趕上潮流」的生活型態有關聯。7.女大學生的「成就」價值觀與「崇尚時髦趕上潮流」及「獨立自信富有才華」的生活型態有關聯。此外,其「體面」 、「親和」、「才智」、「自尊」的價值觀也與「愛好祉交」、「穩健處理金錢」、「愛好刺激」、「獨立自信富有才華」的生活型態有關聊。
248 College students from three universities were used as subjects,their data on Life Style Survey (AIO) and Rokeach Value Scale were collected.The main finding are as follows:1. Both male and female college students emphasize more of internal values than ext-ernal values.2.In the aspect of value orientation, the male subjects emphasize " achievement" more than the female subjects do.3. In the aspect of life style, the female subjects think they are more " fFiddish" than the male subjects, while the male subjects think they are more" confident and competent" , more "traditional-sex-role-oriented" more "social" than the female subjects.4. The Business students think they are more "faddish" than the Law, Agricultural and Medical student, and the Law students think they are more "confident and competent" than Literature students.5. The lower the family income is, the "more the subjects emphasize" self -respect" and "intelligence". 6. For the male subjects, the values of "self-respect", "intelligence", "cleanliness and etiquette" are correlated with" economical" and "faddish" life style.7. For the female subjects, the values of "achievement" are correlated with "faddish" and "confident and competent" life style, also the values of "cleanliness and etiquette", "affiliation", "intelligence" , "self-respect" are correlated with "social", "frugal", "adventurous", "confident and competent" life style.
Relation: 教育與心理研究, 7,95-117
Journal of Education & Psychology
Data Type: article
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