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Title: 台北市使用各型交通工其通勤公務人員交通安全意識的調查分析
Other Titles: A Survey of Traffic Safety Conciousness of Taipei Officials Using Different Kinds of Vehicles
Authors: 藍三印;林孟導
Date: 1984-08
Issue Date: 2016-06-04 13:19:04 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 本調查的主要內容包含交通常識、交通倫理和交通安全等三方面,以台北市232名男女公務人員為調查對象,藉此暸解不同性別,年齡層和子女擁有數的公灣人員,在交通安全意識上的差異。主要發現如下:(1)不同性別在通動交通工具的選擇上有顯著的差異,男性以機車通勤者較多,其次為公車及小汽車,而女性大多以公車通動。以年齡層而言,低年鹼層(20-29歲〉與高年齡層(50-60歲)之間,所選用的通動交通工具亦有顯著差異。中高年齡層者以自用汽車代步者比低年齡層者高的甚多。(2)關於公務員選擇乘坐目前車種的理由,乙種車輛(腳踏車、機車)與自用小客車之間,或自用小客車和大客車(交通車、公共汽車、火車〉之間,差異十分顯著。其中乙種車輛使用者最強調「方便」'其次才是「安全」'而小客車使用看別強調「舒適」,次為「方便」,最後才為「安全」,然而大客車使用著均偏重強調「安全」,「方便」次之。(3)男女公務員對一般交通常識都有正確的認識,並且兩性之間差異不顯著,但是女性公務員的家人較關心其下班時的交通安全問題,尤其當她較平時遲返家的情況。(4)低年齡層比中高年齡層缺乏交通常識,並且對其理解和認識的程度較差。而高年齡層者有較高的安全意識,同時他們與家人之間也較互相關懷安全問題,而低年齡層者則較缺乏安全意識。(5)無子女者比有子女者缺乏並且不注意交通常識問題,其與家人之間亦較少彼此關懷,或許是因為無家庭考慮和後顧之憂,因此較無安全意識。
The survey of this study includes three aspects, namely,the common sense of traffic, the ethics of traffic and the safety of traffic. The survey, testing 232 officials in Taipei who are different sex and age and have different number of children, is supposed to show the differentiation among those officials about traffic consciousness. The findings are the following: 1.The kind of vehicles used by male and female are significantly different. Most of the males go to office by motorcycle, some of them by bus and a few of them by car. On the contrary, many of the female officials are bus Commuters. Besides, the older officials drive their own car to office much more often than the younger ones.2 The reasons why those officials prefer their vehicles are significantly different.Vehicle Busers (bicycle or motorcycle) emphasize its convenience more than safety. Car vehicle users emphasize its comfort more than convenience, paying least attention to safety. On the contrary, vehicle A (compant bus,city bus, train)usersadvocate that safety is the main reason for them to choose the vehicl.3. There are no significant differences between male and female on general traffic common sense. But the femal family members worry more than male family about their safety,especially when they come back from office later than usual.4. The younger officials (20-29 yr.) have less common sense about traffic, but the older officials (50-60 yr.) have stronger safety conciousness. Both the older officials and their family members are more concernd about safety problems than the young ones.5. The officials without children have less interest in and pay less attention to traffic common senses,and their family members are less worried about their safety. Therefore, those officials have less safety consciousness.
Relation: 教育與心理研究, 7,145-168
Journal of Education & Psychology
Data Type: article
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