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Title: Life Stress, Coping Strategies and Delinquency
Other Titles: 生活壓力、因應策略和青少年犯罪
Authors: 陳皎眉 ; 詹歷堅 ; 郭美滿
Keywords: 生活 ; 青少年犯罪 ; 壓力
Date: 1993-09
Issue Date: 2016-06-04 13:52:36 (UTC+8)
Abstract: 研究發現青少年的壓力與許多的偏差行為有關(Budd, Eiser, Morgan & Gammage, 1985; Gispert et al., 1985; Pattern & McCubbin, 1978 )。 而每個人對壓力事件都有 不同的因應策略, 有些因應策略有效, 然而有些卻不盡然( Kurdek & Sinclair, 1988; Penny & Robinson, 1986; Peck & Hughes, 1979 )。本研究的目的就在探討生活壓力、因 應策略和青少年犯罪行為之間的關聯。 研究對象有桃園、彰化少輔院的青少年 212 人,及 北市四所國中的學生 212 人。 其中生活壓力是由「青少年的壓力事件量表」所測量,本量 表是由預試及參照朱士炘(民 77 )「青少年的壓力事件量表」、 McCubbin et al. ( 1987 )的「 Adolescent-Family Inventory of Life Event & Changes 」( A-FILE )及 McCubbin et al. (1987) 的「 Young Adult-Family Inventory of Life events & Strains 」( YA-FILE )建構而成; 因應策略是由「青少年的因應方式量表」所測量,此 量表是經由預試並參照 Lazarus and Folkman ( 1985 )的「 Ways of Coping 」和 Patterson、McCubbin ( 1987B )的 A-Cope 和 YA-Cope 所建構而成。 研究結果發現:犯罪青少年所遭遇到的壓力事件較一般青少年為多,他們所承受的生活壓力 強度,顯著高於一般青少年,而且他們也比一般青少年更傾向於採用無效的因應策略。
It has been found that life stress is related to a variety of deviant behavior (Budd, Eiser, Morgan & Gammage, 1985; Gispert et al., 1985; Pattern & McCubbin, 1978). Individuals respond to stressful events by adopting different Coping Strategies, and some of the coping strategies are effective while others are not (Kurdek & Sinclair, 1988; Peck & Hughes, 1979; Penny & Robinson, 1986). This study collected data on 212 juvenile offenders from two of the reformatories in Taiwan, and on 212 junior high school students from four junior high schools in Taipei, to examine the relationships among life stress, coping strategy, and delinquency. Life stress is measured by a life stress scale constructed by incorporating ideas from pilot study, Chu's (1988) Adolescent Life Stress Scale and McCubbin and Patterson's (1987) A-File and YA-File. Coping strategies are classified based on pilot study, Lazarus and Folkman's (1984) Ways of Coping, and Patterson and McCubbin's (1987) A-Cope and YA-Cope. Generally speaking, delinquent adolescents on the average encounter more stressful events, have higher mean life stress scores, and are more likely to use ineffective coping strategies than non-delinquent adolescents.
Relation: 教育與心理研究, 16,459-473
Journal of Education & Psychology
Data Type: article
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