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Title: Transmedia Storytelling for Television in Taiwan: Do Audiences Want to Engage?
Authors: 潘偉力
Portwood, Mark
Contributors: 石佳相
C. Stone Shih
Portwood, Mark
Keywords: 跨媒體
transmedia storytelling
audience engagement
Date: 2016
Issue Date: 2016-08-03 11:38:57 (UTC+8)
Abstract: Transmedia Storytelling is an often-discussed buzz word in entertainment circles, but currently there are very few cases of it in Taiwan’s television market. Furthermore, there is very little literature or research done addressing this field in a way that would enable would-be producers to design a transmedia production to meet their targets successfully. The aim of this study was to gather empirical data on how likely consumers of television programs in Taiwan are to interact with transmedia content for their preferred TV programs.
This information should prove useful to producers to have a reference of what types of transmedia extensions to put time and money into and which platforms to target for maximum audience engagement. Additionally, any researchers that are interested in audience-side information on transmedia consumption and engagement in Taiwan should find this study of interest. This study employed the use of survey data and to generate some meaningful data about this topic. Now that the data has been gathered and analyzed, a clearer picture of audience engagement with possible transmedia productions in Taiwan has been shown.
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