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2019-08 Can we activate the awe-emotion through a series of picture-watching? conference (177)
2019-08 Development and item response analysis of the Awe-Scale conference (159)
2019-08 How methodological features moderate instructional effects: A meta-regression analysis of experimental data from 1990 to 2017 in Taiwan conference (86)
2019-08 Interpersonal relationship as a mediator between optimistic explanatory style and well-being conference (188)
2019-08 The relationships among the savoring beliefs, capacity to savor, and flourishing life of junior high school teachers and special education teachers in Taiwan conference (142)
2014-04 The relationship between Facebook use and psychological well-being: An example of Taiwan college students conference (973)
2007-07 Fuzzy partial credit scaling: Applying fuzzy set theory to scoring rating scales conference
2006-11 樂觀就不悲觀嗎?--樂觀與悲觀的雙向度理論驗證及量表的發展 conference
2006-10 數學學業成就結構模式驗證 conference
2006-10 Fuzzy classification analysis of rules usage on probability reasoning test with multiple raw rule score conference
2006-06 Fuzzy statistics analysis of rules usage classifications on probability reasoning test with multiple raw rule score conference
2006-06 The survey mode effect analyzed by item response theory on the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression(CES-D) Scale conference
2005-05 網路問卷與傳統問卷之比較:多樣本均等性方法學之應用 conference
2005 公務人員考試英文科測驗試題命題原則 conference
2005 教育論文之發表 conference
2005 我對統計應用的向下紮根與向上提升的看法 conference
2005 模糊部分計分法:應用模糊集合論於評定量表之計分研究 conference
2004-11 從調查數據回顧基本學力測驗的實施 conference
2004-05 國民中學教育階段之關鍵能力的發展 conference
2003-12 中學生網路成癮者人格特質之差異研究 conference
2003-11 IRT測驗發展與應用探討 conference
2003-11 2003年台灣地區大學生英語能力調查統計報告 conference
2002-10 線上題庫系統之研發 conference
2002-09 線上題庫等化連結方式之比較 conference
2002-01 概念構圖、知識建構與教學步驟 conference