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2023-12 Moodle數位學習平臺之討論即時分析機制與合作問題導向學習平臺之小組激勵機制促進遠距教學學習成效 article pdf(26)
2023-11 A game-based learning system based on octalysis gamification framework to promote employees’ Japanese learning article 說明頁(83)
2023-10 A game-based augmented reality navigation system to support makerspace user education in a university library article 說明頁(29)
2023-06 A Character Social Network Relationship Map Tool to Facilitate Digital Humanities Research article pdf(213)
2023-05 Developing an Instant Semantic Analysis and Feedback System to Facilitate Learning Performance of Online Discussion article pdf(138)
2023-05 A Gamified Instant Perspective Comparison System to Facilitate Online Discussion Effectiveness article 說明頁(89)
2023-04 Using the instant semantic analysis and feedback system for mining effective behavioural patterns to facilitate learning effectiveness of online discussion article 說明頁(134)
2023-01 A Hierarchical Topic Analysis Tool to Facilitate Digital Humanities Research article 說明頁(169)
2022-12 國立政治大學學術集成平臺之網站使用者行為分析 article pdf(92)
2022-08 Development and Application of a Digital Humanities Research Platform for Biographies of Malaysian Personalities article 說明頁(178)
2022-06 100期序言 article 說明頁(117)
2022-04 The Effects of Web-based Inquiry Learning Mode with the Support of Collaborative Digital Reading Annotation System on Information Literacy Instruction article pdf(170)
2022-02 Developing a Collaborative Writing System with Visualization Interaction Network Analysis to Facilitate Online Learning Performance article 說明頁(204)
2021-12 99期序言 article pdf(131)
2021-06 Effects of Design Factors of a Game-based English Vocabulary Learning App on Learning Performance, Sustained Attention, Emotional State, and Memory Retention article pdf(187)
2021-06 98期序言 article pdf(148)
2021-04 Developing a Topic Analysis Instant Feedback System to Facilitate Asynchronous Online Discussion Effectiveness article pdf(148)
2021.02 An Interactive Test Dashboard with Diagnosis and Feedback Mechanisms to Facilitate Learning Performance article pdf(225)
2020-12 97期序言 article pdf(135)
2020-09 The Effects of Video-Annotated Learning and Reviewing System with Vocabulary Learning Mechanism on English Listening Comprehension and Technology Acceptance article pdf(152)
2020-06 96期序言 article pdf(167)
2020-04 Mining Effective Learning Behaviors in a Web-based Inquiry Science Environment article pdf(143)
2020-03 羅家倫先生文存數位人文研究平台之建置與應用 article pdf(190)
2020-01 An Instant Perspective Comparison System to Facilitate Learners’ Discussion Effectiveness in an Online Discussion Process article pdf(141)
2020-01 Developing a Computer-Mediated Communication Competence Forecasting Model Based on Learning Behavior Features article pdf(202)