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2022-04 The Effects of Web-based Inquiry Learning Mode with the Support of Collaborative Digital Reading Annotation System on Information Literacy Instruction article (11)
2021.02 An Interactive Test Dashboard with Diagnosis and Feedback Mechanisms to Facilitate Learning Performance article (110)
2021-12 99期序言 article (6)
2021-06 Effects of Design Factors of a Game-based English Vocabulary Learning App on Learning Performance, Sustained Attention, Emotional State, and Memory Retention article (76)
2021-06 98期序言 article (53)
2021-04 Developing a Topic Analysis Instant Feedback System to Facilitate Asynchronous Online Discussion Effectiveness article (83)
2020-12 97期序言 article (55)
2020-09 The Effects of Video-Annotated Learning and Reviewing System with Vocabulary Learning Mechanism on English Listening Comprehension and Technology Acceptance article (81)
2020-06 96期序言 article (91)
2020-04 Mining Effective Learning Behaviors in a Web-based Inquiry Science Environment article (61)
2020-03 羅家倫先生文存數位人文研究平台之建置與應用 article (84)
2020-01 A Character Social Network Relationship Map Tool to Facilitate Digital Humanities Research article (67)
2020-01 An Instant Perspective Comparison System to Facilitate Learners’ Discussion Effectiveness in an Online Discussion Process article (64)
2020-01 Developing a Computer-Mediated Communication Competence Forecasting Model Based on Learning Behavior Features article (68)
2020-01 Developing an Instant Semantic Analysis and Feedback System to Facilitate Learning Performance of Online Discussion article (50)
2020-01 The Effects of Sharing Selection, Organization, Association, and Regulation (SOAR) Study Note on Learners’ Reading Comprehension and Reading Anxiety article (58)
2019.09 A Web-based Collaborative Reading Annotation System with Gamification Mechanisms to Improve Reading Performance 期刊論文 (35)(400)
2019.08 An Effective Method for Incentivizing Groups Implemented in a Collaborative Problem-based Learning System to Enhance Positive Peer Interaction and Learning Performance 期刊論文 (29)post-print version(477)
2019-12 95期序言 article (83)
2019-07 Community Detection with Opinion Leaders’ Identification for Promoting Collaborative Problem-based Learning Performance article (378)(61)post-print version
2019-07 A Collaborative Reading Annotation System with Formative Assessment and Feedback Mechanisms to Promote Digital Reading Performance article (77)post-print version
2019-06 94期序言 article (70)
2019-04 A Chinese Ancient Book Digital Humanities Research Platform to Support Digital Humanities Research article (206)post-print version
2019-03 Enhancement of English Learning Performance by Using an Attention-based Diagnosing and Review Mechanism in Paper-based Learning Context with Digital-Pen Support article (444)(67)post-print version
2019-03 An Optimized Group Formation Scheme to Promote Collaborative Problem-based Learning article (2)post-print version(360)