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2020-12 台灣晶圓產業的成長之路:中美晶併購GlobiTech article (42)
2019-12 Strategic similarity and firm performance: Multiple replications of Deephouse (1999) article (59)
2019-01 ICT 國際品牌之通路管理方案-以台灣惠普資訊科技股份有限公司為例 article (206)
2019 Strategic similarity and firm performance: Multiple replications of Deephouse (1999) article (50)
2018-07 東遠精技—創業至走向世界 article (153)
2018- The effect of local environment on innovation: a comparison of local and foreign firms in China article (292)
2017-09 Forming a Learning Network across Transactional Networks: The Case of the A-Team in Taiwan Bicycle Industry article (299)
2016-09 Antecedents to Location-Boundedness of an Advantage: Measurements and Empirical Investigation article (499)
2016-09 廠商採取研發行動與研發強度的影響要素:中國大陸的實證 article (147)
2016-04 Network and Institutional Effects on SMEs' Entry Strategies article (247)
2016-01 The Tension of Legitimacy and Competition Faced by Firms in an Emerging Subgroup conference (377)
2015-02 Relational Management Mechanisms for Strategic Alliances Among Nonprofit Organizations article (943)
2014 財務餘裕資源、公司策略與績效之研究—新興經濟體之實證 report (353)
2013.12 The Impact of Local Linkages, International Linkages, and Absorptive Capacity on Innovation for Foreign Firms Operating in an Emerging Economy article (1070)
2013.04 Channel strategies of Foreign Sales Subsidiaries: The Case of Firms from Developing Countries Operating in Developed Countries book/chapter (1271)
2013-09 創業者如何掌握創業機會 article (744)
2013 影響出口績效因素之研究: 以貿易公司為例 report (182)
2012.06 Managerial ownership, diversification, and firm performance: Evidence from an emerging market article (1108)
2012.02 Adoption of Practices by Subsidiaries and Institutional Interaction within Internationalised Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises“ article (1318)
2012-04 Cross-Regional Patenting: A Signal of Enhancement for Innovation Competence or Market Entry? article (1035)
2012-01 Knowledge transfer, regulatory support, legitimacy, and financial performance: The case of foreign firms investing in China article (1162)
2012 當代中國商管議題之整合研究-總計畫暨子計畫五:大陸企業之成長策略 report (528)(247)
2012 Firm innovation in policy-driven parks and spontaneous clusters: the smaller firm the better? article (1067)
2012 海外銷售子公司負責人任用決策之研究-以台灣企業為例 report (265)
2011.11 多國公司產品創新專案網絡構形與影響網因素之探討 article (856)