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2016-01 The Tension of Legitimacy and Competition Faced by Firms in an Emerging Subgroup conference (377)
2011 International diversification, product diversification, firm return and risk conference (772)
2006-08 Network and Institutional Effects on Entry Strategies conference
2006-08 Choosing Between Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures: An Integration of Three Perspectives conference
2006-06 Exporting and the Profitability of NIE Firms: The Moderating Effect of FDI conference
2005-08 Performance of International Joint Venture: An Emphasis on Local Sales conference
2005-08 Benefiting from Networks by Occupying Central Positions—The Case of Taiwan Healthcare Industry conference
2005-08 Is Asset Specificity a Liability? A Power Perspective of Safeguarding Specific Investments conference
2005-07 Determinants of SMEs' Performance: An Investigation from Newly-industrialized Economies conference
2004-08 Performance Internationalization and FSAs of SMEs in Newly-Industrialized Economies conference (459)
2004-07 Equity allocation its effect performance: An examination of foreign joint ventures conference
2003-07 Network Dynamics of High Technology Firms: The Case of Firms in Hsinchu High Technology Industrial Park and Silicon Valley conference
2002-05 國際化程度對廠商績效之影響-台灣中小企業之實證研究 conference
2002-05 國際企業管理教育與企業需求配適性之探討 conference
2002-01 國際營運管理能力之培育— 以管理教育機會方格談大學商管教育之努力方向 conference
2001-04 中華汽車—企業網絡外移模式 conference
1998-06 國際企業之協調與控制-個案之整理與分析 conference
1997-01 共創品牌與策略聯盟 conference
1996-06 網路與技術升級關係之研究 conference
1996-05 Controlling of Subsidiaries in Taiwan by Multinational Corporations conference
1996-03 國際化階段與國際化行銷活動之關係-台灣廠商之實證研究 conference
1996-03 連鎖體系擴張策略之比較研究 conference
1995-11 專科學校國貿科教師進修機會與意願之研究 conference
1995-11 International Strategic Alliances:Rational,Types and Management conference
1995-11 國際企業管理教育之探討 conference