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2019-12 唐詩流通度之探討 article (66)
2017-05 Exactly and almost compatible joint distributions for high-dimensional discrete conditional distributions article (347)
2015-06 A Statistical Analysis of Testlets - A Parametric Approach article (288)
2014 A Statistical Analysis of Independent Test Items - A Parametric Approach article (666)
2010 Compatibility of finite discrete conditional distributions article (445)
2010 Comptability of finite discrete conditional distributions. article (156)
2007-02 An Application of the Generalized Shrunken Least Squares Estimator on Principal Component Regression article (2385)
2006-01 Bayesian Optimization of Second-phase Sub-sample Sizes of a Fish Population article
2003 影響青少年木球運動表現因素的研究 article
2001-09 A General Result on Covariance Stabilizing Transformations article
1994-12 Holland's Method in 3-Dimensional Covariance Stabilizing Transformations article
1987-03 On the choice of the smallest sample size for some populations article (205)
1982 Covariance stabilizing transformations and a conjecture of Holland article (378)