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2018-06 Improving Elementary Students’ Literacy through Knowledge Building. conference (169)
2018-06 Elementary Students Enhancing their Understanding of Energy-Saving through Collaborative Knowledge-Building Activities article (70)
2018-05 The Effects of Design Thinking Activities on Pre-Service Teachers’ TPACK Knowledge and Design Belief conference (208)
2018-05 Learning Analytics: Approaches and Cases from Asia book/chapter (138)
2018-01 從方法到理論︰數位學習理論的檢驗與建立 book (140)
2018 LEARNING ANALYTICS: Approaches and cases from Asia book/chapter (473)
2018 Fostering Students' Scientific Inquiry through Computer-Supported Collaborative Knowledge Building. article (149)
2018 The design orientation of academic courses taught at alternative community colleges in Taiwan book
2018 Design orientation of academic courses in alternative community colleges in Taiwan book (149)
2017-12 Principle-based design: Development of adaptive mathematics teaching practices and beliefs in a knowledge building environment article (405)
2017-08 從方法到理論︰數位學習理論(模型)的檢驗與建立 book/chapter (353)
2017-06 Fostering innovation-oriented cultural views among college students through knowledge-building pedagogy article (523)
2017-01 Two tales of time: Uncovering the significance of sequential patterns among contribution types in knowledge-building discourse article (363)
2017 Students’ conceptions of and approaches to knowledge building and its relationship to learning outcomes article (602)
2017 Fostering college students’ creative capacity through computer-supported knowledge building activities book/chapter (335)
2017 Community Colleges’ Course Design Orientation book/chapter (280)
2016-07 Exploring the development of college students' epistemic views during their knowledge building activities article (500)
2016-06 Effects of Knowledge Building Pedagogy on High School Students' Learning Perception and English Composition Performance conference (364)
2016-06 Fostering more informed epistemic views among students through knowledge building conference (512)
2016-06 Effects of knowledge building activities on student' writing performance conference (469)
2016-04 Schools as Knowledge Building Organizations: Thirty Years of Design Research article (642)
2016-04 Using knowledge building to foster conceptual change article (628)
2016-03 Understanding how students perceive the role of ideas for their knowledge work in a knowledge-building environment article (506)
2016-03 Fostering college students’ creative capacity through computer-supported knowledge building activities article (532)
2016 在不同模式的電腦支援協作學習環境下,師培生理解教學理論層次之差異—以Blackboard和Knowledge Forum為例 article (495)