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2009-12 Effects of knowledge-building on teacher-education students' epistemological belief change conference (847)
2009-06 Towards Design-Based Knowledge-Building Practices in Teaching conference (672)
2009-06 Exploring the effectiveness of an idea-centered design to foster a computer-supported knowledge building environment conference (681)
2009 知識論壇上的科學知識信念轉變與知識翻新 conference
2009 不同電腦支援合作學習環境對師培生在教育理論與實務概念理解上的影響 conference
2009 知識建構對學生知識信念之影響 conference
2009 Examining prospective teachers' conceptions about teaching and knowledge-building conference
2009 Examining prospective teachers' conceptions about teaching and knowledge-building conference
2009 Effects of knowledge-building environment on teacher-education students' conceptions about theories and practices in teaching conference (797)
2008-06 Principle-Based Design to Foster Adaptive Use of Technology for Building Community Knowledge conference (660)
2008-03 Using key terms to assess community knowledge conference
2008 Singaporean and Taiwanese pre-service teachers’ beliefs and their attitude towards ICT use: A comparative study conference
2008 Examining Pre-service Teachers' Perception of Knowledge-Building Principles for Building Community Knowledge conference
2008 The analysis of small group knowledge building effort using an interaction analysis model conference
2008 Assessing prospective teachers’ initial views on teaching as knowledge-building practice conference
2008 Introducing people knowledge into science learning conference (644)
2008 Understanding how pre-service teachers perceive and interpret knowledge-building principles conference
2008 Constantly Going Deeper: Knowledge Building Innovation in an Elementary Professional Community conference
2008 An idea-centered, principle-based design approach to support learning as knowledge creation conference
2007 What makes a professional community innovative? A study of elementary knowledge-building teachers conference
2007 Reflecting on one's language learning strategies through the reflections of successful learners: An exploratory study in social metacognition conference
2007 Making thinking visible: Graphical literacy growth in Knowledge Forum conference
2007 The Knowledge Society Network as a self-organizing network-of-networks conference
2007 Using key terms to measure and visually represent community knowledge conference
2007 Principle-based design of technology use to support community knowledge-building conference