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2009-02 Intellectual Capital "EEEC" Model and the Case of Franz Collection article (988)
2009 Entry Timing and Performance Under Uncertainty: Taiwanese Firms Investing in China article (1251)
2009 Does intellectual capital mediate the relationship between HRM and organizational performance ? Perspective of a health care industry in Taiwan article (1196)
2009 Do as the large enterprises do?: Expatriate selection and overseas performance in emerging markets: The case of Taiwan SMEs article (936)
2008-08 Career advancement of hospital-based physicians: School stratification or inequality in social capital? article (1083)
2008 National intellectual capital: Exploring Taiwan’s standing article (2415)
2008 Developing Human Capital Indicators: A Three-Way Approach article (7268)
2008 National intellectual capital: Comparison of the Nordic Countries article (1963)
2008 Does training facilitate SME's overseas performance? article (1176)
2007 Building Customer Capital through Knowledge Management Processes in the Healthcare Context article (3953)
2007 Toward a Model of Organizational Human Capital Development: Preliminary Evidence from Taiwan article (4231)
2007 Does innovation lead to performance? An empirical study of SMEs in Taiwan article (1081)
2006 The Role of Board Chair in the Relationship between Board Human Capital and Firm Performance article (1764)
2006 The role of business ethics in merger and acquisition success: An empirical study article (11251)
2005 An Eastern and SME Version of Expatriate Management: An Empirical Study of Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan article (2346)
2003-09 An analysis of past research on expatriate management article (238)
2003 台灣歷年海外派遣管理研究分析 article (1186)
2002-10 國際化程度與專屬性資產對廠商績效之影響:台灣大型製造廠商之實證研究 article (1312)
2002-09 主管管理才能對員工滿意度之影響 -以某非營利機構為例 article (1655)
2002-04 組織死亡與產業變遷:石材製品製造業之生態研究 article (822)
2002-01 台灣自行車產業之組織死亡率分析組織生態觀點 article (1001)
2002 國際化程度與產品差異化能力對廠商績效之影響–台灣大型製造廠之實證研究 article (817)
2002 主管管理才能對員工效滿意度之影響:以某非營利機構為例 article (1239)
2002 Business Ethics in Taiwan: A Comparison of Company Employees and University Students article (1299)
2002 Empowerment in the Service Industry: An Empirical Study in Taiwan article (1066)