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2020-07 Reflections on JIC’s twenty-year history and suggestions for future IC research article (72)
2008 National intellectual capital: Exploring Taiwan’s standing article (2419)
2008 National intellectual capital: Comparison of the Nordic Countries article (1964)
2011 National intellectual capital: A comparison of 40 countries article (855)
2012 National Intellectual Capital Model and Measurement article (1068)
2013.05 National Intellectual Capital in Israel and Financial Crisis Impact article (792)
2013.03 Managing the exploitation/ exploration paradox: The role of a learning capability and innovation ambidexterity article (1172)
1997 Labor relations in Taiwan: A cross-cultural perspective article (1129)
2018 Intellectual capital of South Africa: A comparison with Poland and Romania article (308)
2009-02 Intellectual Capital "EEEC" Model and the Case of Franz Collection article (1001)
2015-01 Intangibles and national economic wealth: A new perspective on how they are linked article (636)
2015-02 Intangible assets and decline: a population ecology perspective article (704)
1997 Human resource management in Taiwan: A future perspective article (1073)
1997 Human resource information systems: Implementation in Taiwan article (1046)
2015-04 How can Corporate Social Responsibility Lead to Firm Performance? A Longitudinal Study in Taiwan article (939)
2009 Entry Timing and Performance Under Uncertainty: Taiwanese Firms Investing in China article (1256)
2002 Empowerment in the Service Industry: An Empirical Study in Taiwan article (1068)
2012.06 Does Transformational Leadership Facilitate Technological Innovation? The Moderating Roles of Innovative Culture and Incentive Compensation article (1304)
2008 Does training facilitate SME's overseas performance? article (1177)
2014-06 Does Technical or Strategic HRM Provide a Better Explanation of Organization Performance? article (966)
2009 Does intellectual capital mediate the relationship between HRM and organizational performance ? Perspective of a health care industry in Taiwan article (1215)
2007 Does innovation lead to performance? An empirical study of SMEs in Taiwan article (1084)
2014-10 Do Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Yield Different Business Benefits in Eastern and Western Contexts? article (792)
2009 Do as the large enterprises do?: Expatriate selection and overseas performance in emerging markets: The case of Taiwan SMEs article (937)
2008 Developing Human Capital Indicators: A Three-Way Approach article (7270)