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2003 影響青少年木球運動表現因素的研究 article
2003 主成份分析在木球運動上的研究 report
2003 A study on the roughness of histogram probabilities. report
2003 基礎科學教育改進計畫-跨領域教學聯盟(A類計畫-數學金融與經濟) report
2003 影響青少年木球運動表現因素的研究 report
2002-08 On a new characteristic function conference
2002 Dirichlet隨機向量線性組合及其貝氏應用的研究 report (1475)
2001 過濾變量DIRICHLET分配的研究(2/2) report (1026)
2001 Revisiting the limiting distribution of linear combinations of Dirichlet random coordinates conference
2000 平滑直方圖的貝氏方法之研究(2/2) report (1165)
1998-08 A new multivariate transformation with its applications conference
1998-06 Filtered-variate prior distributions for histograms smoothing article (369)
1998 Filtered-variate prior distributions for histogram smoothing. article (222)
1997-07 On the analysis of informative censoring of contingency tables with Bayesian methods conference
1997 統計方法在82年度協助傳統工業升級計畫評估的應用 article
1995 Quasi-Bayes sequential methods for categorical data under informative censoring. report
1995 Optimal sample size for clinical study. report
1993-02 High-resolution inversion of the discrete Poisson and binomial transformations article
1992 Computation of Carlson's multiple hypergeometric function R for Bayesian applications article
1991-09 Distribution of random functional of a Dirichlet Process on the unit disk article
1988-12 影響台灣省15-17歲青少年在學率的因素的研究 article
1988-03 Starlike functions and linear functions of Dirichlet distributed vector article
1983 Recursive estimation procedures for missing data problems article