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2010 Teacher-education students' views about knowledge building theory and practice conference (566)
2010.03 Teacher-Education Students' Epistemological Belief Change through Collaborative Knowledge Building article (1134)
2014 Teacher-education students develop more student-centered teaching beliefs through knowledge building (accepted) book/chapter (947)
2011.08 Sustaining knowledge building as a principle-based innovation at an elementary school article (1079)
2017 Students’ conceptions of and approaches to knowledge building and its relationship to learning outcomes article (616)
2011 Students changing their conceptions of collaboration through computer-supported knowledge building conference (780)
2006 Strong ties, weak ties: Exploring patterns of collaboration and knowledge-interaction for knowledge advancement in the Knowledge Society Network conference
2018-11 STEM Education in Asia Pacific: Challenges and Development. article (74)
2008 Singaporean and Taiwanese pre-service teachers’ beliefs and their attitude towards ICT use: A comparative study conference
2009-06 Singaporean and Taiwanese Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs and their Attitude Towards ICT Use: A Comparative Study article (600)
2016-04 Schools as Knowledge Building Organizations: Thirty Years of Design Research article (646)
2007 Reflecting on one's language learning strategies through the reflections of successful learners: An exploratory study in social metacognition conference
2017-12 Principle-based design: Development of adaptive mathematics teaching practices and beliefs in a knowledge building environment article (406)
2008-06 Principle-Based Design to Foster Adaptive Use of Technology for Building Community Knowledge conference (661)
2007 Principle-based design of technology use to support community knowledge-building conference
2012.11 Positioning Design Epistemology in Asia Pacific article (1122)
2013-04 Positioning design epistemology and its applications in education technology article (1150)
2007 On community knowledge conference
2007 Making thinking visible: Graphical literacy growth in Knowledge Forum conference
2005 Making explicit the implicit knowledge building process of scientists conference
2018 LEARNING ANALYTICS: Approaches and cases from Asia book/chapter (479)
2018-05 Learning Analytics: Approaches and Cases from Asia book/chapter (142)
2018-08 Learning Analytics: Approaches and Cases from Asia book/chapter (193)
2007 Knowledge Society Network: Toward a dynamic, sustained network for building knowledge conference (2830)
2010-12 Knowledge Society Network: Toward a dynamic, sustained network for building knowledge article (1042)