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2017-01 Effects of online synchronous instruction with an attention monitoring and alarm mechanism on sustained attention and learning performance article pdf(290)post-print version說明頁(497)
2016-08 Investigating the Effects of Structured and Guided Inquiry on Students’ Development of Conceptual Knowledge and Inquiry Abilities: A Case Study in Taiwan article pdf(546)
2016-05 Forecasting reading anxiety for promoting English-language reading performance based on reading annotation behavior article 說明頁(513)
2015-12 大學圖書館網站讀者視覺注意力之眼動分析研究 article 說明頁(409)pdf(408)
2015-09 Enhancement of digital reading performance by using a novel web-based collaborative reading annotation system with two quality annotation filtering mechanisms article pdf(666)
2015-08 點讀筆支援紙本繪本對兒童閱讀動機、情緒、注意力與理解成效之探討 article pdf(620)
2015-04 點讀筆支援紙本繪本對兒童閱讀動機、情緒、注意力與理解成效之探討 article pdf(553)
2015-01 Effects of Different Video Lecture Types on Sustained Attention, Emotion, Cognitive Load, and Learning Performance article pdf(1556)
2014.08 Enhancing Digital Reading Performance with a Collaborative Reading Annotation System article pdf(1514)
2014.06 Assessing Effects of Information Architecture of Digital Libraries on Supporting E-learning: A Case Study on the Digital Library of Nature & Culture article pdf(1667)
2014-02 Mining Learning Social Networks for Cooperative Learning with Appropriate Learning Partners in a Problem-based Learning Environment article 說明頁(1811)
2014.01 Facilitating English-Language Reading Performance by a Digital Reading Annotation System with Self-Regulated Learning Mechanisms article pdf(1310)
2014 Effects of different text display types on reading comprehension, sustained attention and cognitive load in mobile reading contexts article 說明頁(1161)
2013-10 Web-Based Reading Annotation System with an Attention-Based Self-Regulated Learning Mechanism for Promoting Reading Performance article pdf(1324)
2013.06 Mining Useful News Information Based on Reader Feedback for Building News Communities article pdf(1103)
2013.06 Facilitating English Language Learners` Oral Reading Fluency with Digital Pen Technology article 說明頁(1824)
2013-04 數位學習領域主題分析之研究 article pdf(955)
2013.03 Using a Paper-based Digital Pen for Supporting Ehglish Courses in Regular Classrooms to Improve Reading Fluency article 說明頁(1662)
2013-03 互動式擴增實境系統支援國小圖書館利用教育 article pdf(1264)
2013 Subject analysis on the field of E-learning research article pdf(922)
2012-12 Assessing the Effects of Different Multimedia Materials on Emotions and Learning Performance for Visual and Verbal Style Learners article pdf(1680)
2012-09 Interactive augmented reality system for enhancing library instruction in elementary schools article pdf(831)
2011-12 Cost-effectiveness and effectiveness of applying intelligent osteoporosis health risk assessment system in community-dwelling women: a novel evidence-based study article pdf(740)
2011-10 Exploring Innovative e-Learning Research Issues in Library and Information Science Fields article pdf(634)
2011-07 Using emotion recognition technology to assess the effects of different multimedia materials on learning emotion and performance article pdf(1344)