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2000 The effect of social factors on the success of automation: An empirical study in Taiwan article (4072)
1999-11 A comparison of perceptions about business ethics in four countries article (1207)
1999 國內標竿企業探討公務機關之教育訓練評估 article
1998 The essence of empowerment: A conceptual model and a case illustration article (544)
1998 Success factors of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan: An analysis of cases article (1059)
1997 員工培訓成效評估之研究 article (653)
1997 Human resource management in Taiwan: A future perspective article (1068)
1997 Labor relations in Taiwan: A cross-cultural perspective article (1128)
1997 Human resource information systems: Implementation in Taiwan article (1036)
1996 The Training and development practices in Taiwan: A comparative study of Taiwanese, USA and Japanese firms in Taiwan article (1049)