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2013-06 Facilitating belief change via computer-supported collaborative knowledge-building conference (882)
2013-06 Exploring the effect of online collaborative learning on students' scientific understanding conference (859)
2013-04 Positioning design epistemology and its applications in education technology article (1149)
2013-03 Validating and modeling technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK) framework among Asian pre-service teachers article (1242)
2013 想法中心設計之教學理論在電腦支援合作學習環境中之研究與發展 report (445)
2012.11 Positioning Design Epistemology in Asia Pacific article (1119)
2012.01 紮根理論研究法在數位學習研究上的應用 book/chapter (932)
2012-05 How learning about scientists' struggles influences students' interest and learning in physics. article (761)
2012-05 How Learning about Scientists'' Struggles Influences Students'' Interest and Learning in Physics article (717)
2012 「知識翻新」理論與科技應用於師資培育之教學設計與實施策略(III) report (535)
2012 Critical aspects in learning with technologies conference (983)
2012 Enhancing students' understanding of what ideas are for knowledge building conference (885)
2011.08 Sustaining knowledge building as a principle-based innovation at an elementary school article (1075)
2011.08 Teacher-education students' views about knowledge building theory and practice article (1078)
2011.07 Beyond group collaboration: Facilitating an idea-centered view of collaboration through knowledge building in a science class of fifth-graders article (1225)
2011-07 Collaborative knowledge building for understanding science concepts conference (889)
2011 「知識翻新」理論與科技應用於師資培育之教學設計與實施策略(II) report (515)
2011 Students changing their conceptions of collaboration through computer-supported knowledge building conference (771)
2011 Enhancing the social and cognitive benefits of digital tools and media conference (642)
2011 Exploring college students perceptions of classroom learning in a knowledge building environment conference (769)
2010.12 Early Development of Graphical Literacy through Knowledge Building article (1077)
2010.03 Teacher-Education Students' Epistemological Belief Change through Collaborative Knowledge Building article (1127)
2010-12 Knowledge Society Network: Toward a dynamic, sustained network for building knowledge article (1042)
2010-12 Knowledge Society Network: Toward a dynamic, sustained network for building knowledge article (224)
2010 「知識翻新」理論與科技應用於師資培育之教學設計與實施策略(I) report (487)