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2007-11 Learning Performance Assessment Approach Using Web-based Learning Portfolios for E-learning Systems, article
2007-02 Mining Learner Profile Based on Association Rule for Web-based Learning Diagnosis article
2006-12 An Intelligent Web-Page Classifier with Fair Feature-Subset Selection article pdf(1716)
2006-12 Efficient Auto-Focus Algorithm Utilizing Discrete Difference Equation Prediction Model for Digital Still Cameras article 說明頁(1320)
2006-02 Personalized Curriculum Sequencing Using Modified Item Response Theory for Web-based Instruction article pdf(2450)
2006 Personalized Learning Path Generation Scheme Utilizing Genetic Algorithm for Web-based Learning article
2006 Mining Formative Evaluation Rules Using Web-Based Learning Portfolios for Web-Based Learning Systems article pdf(2093)
2005 Personalized E-Learning System Using Item Response Theory article pdf(175)