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Title: 捷中關係裡的中國銳實力探討
Chinese Sharp Power in the Czech-Sino Relations
Authors: 福爾泰
Avrat, Frantisek
Contributors: 蘇卓馨
Su Cho-Hsin
Frantisek Avrat
Keywords: 捷克共和國
The Czech Republic
the People's Republic of China
Czech Chinese relations
Sharp power
Paradox of Tolerance
Date: 2020
Issue Date: 2020-08-03 18:30:19 (UTC+8)
Abstract: This thesis is looking at the Czech Chinese relations between 2013 and 2020 which were restarted in 2013 by Czech president Milos Zeman in a very naïve and open way. Because of that during those years, the People's Republic of China was able to exercise Sharp power in the Czech Republic in political-economic, medial, and academic spheres. Done so by the PRC to achieve its goals as defined by the Sharp power concept it also consequentially distorted democracy in the Czech Republic. Therefore, this thesis first is looking at the Czech Chinese relations from which it shows how the usage of the sharp power by the PRC distorts Czech democracy and on those instances, using the concept of paradox of tolerance, this thesis argues for the need to change the interaction with the PRC in the spheres where the Sharp power is active and thus presents possible tools which the Czech Republic can employ to defend itself without losing the values of an open society. This thesis concludes that in the political-economic sphere the Czech statesmen should consult their policies towards the PRC with experts especially from academia and passing the law aimed at limits of foreign investments into strategic industries. In the media sphere, this work concludes there is no space for the creation of systemic tools as it would have an impact on the freedom of speech. The only tool that seems available is to inform consumers about the founding of media having a connection to the PRC. In the academic sphere, the viable tool is to establish a body under the ministry of education helping Czech universities and other academic institutions with risk assessment when considering a partnership with their Chinese counterparts.
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