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2016 Capital flow and human flow: new Chinese migrants in the Mekong region Chinh, Nguyen Van
2016 China in the lens of India's maritime strategies 劉奇峰; Liu, Roger Chi-feng
2016 China's overrated military capabilities and its image manipulation: a Japanese perspective on the state of the South China Sea 松村昌廣; Matsumura, Masahiro
2016 Delicacies for a privileged class in a risk society: the Chinese Communist Party's special supplies food system 蔡文軒; Tsai, Wen-hsuan
2016 The development mode of new energy in China: Gansu and Inner Mongolia compared 曾聖文, 王振寰:; Wang, Jenn-hwan; Tseng; Sheng-wen
2016 Labor market structure and local cadre behavior: up or out effects in the Chinese government 耿曙; 龐保慶; 鐘靈娜; Keng, Shu; Pang, Baoqing; Zhong, Lingna
2016 The making of China's image of respoinsible debtor, 1901-1925: the depreciation of Sterling, Austrian loans and gold franc 張志雲; Chang, Chih-yun
2016 Moving forward or backward: the new round of SOE reform in China struggling between market economy disciplines and socialist political ideology 白宇烈; 張憲初; Paik, Wooyeal; Zhang, Xianchu
2016 Opportunities and challenges of cross-strait economic internation: Ma, Tsai and onward 童振源; 葉家興; Tung, Chen-yuan; Yeh, Jason J. \H.
2016 The Politics of border trade in Sino-Vietnamese Relations: how China maneuvers economic interdependence to ease bilateral tension? 楊昊; 康議文; Yang, Alan Hao; Kang, I-Wen
2016 Precipitation control and politics of cloud water governance via state-led weather modification: case study of authoritarian China 簡旭伸; 洪冬力; 林博雄; Chien, Shiuh-shen; Hong, Dong-li; Lin, Po-hsiung
2016 Private entrepreneurs as a 'Strategic group' in Chinese Polity Gunter, Schubert; Heberer, Thomas
2016 Reinvigoration and assimilation: Shakespearean adaptations of traditional Chinese drama 姜翠芬; Jiang, Tsui-fen
2016 Rule of law與新常態下大國法治之間: 中國式法治憲政的結構分析 鈴木賢; Suzuki, Ken
2016 Rumors and social protests in China 蔡永順; 周媞媞; Cai, youngshun; Zhou, Titi
2016 Separate and dissenting opinions of Judge Hsu Mo at the International Court of Justice( 6 February 1946-28 June 1956) 李子文; Lee, Tzu-wen
2016 The strategic rise of China in South Asia 那瑞維; Narayanan, Raviprasad
2016 Temple destruction campaigns in modern China: an assessment of their impact 康豹; Katz, Paul R.
2016 Toward innovation in social governance? Popular protests and state responses in Xi's China 王信實; 邱韋智; Wang, Shinn-Shyr; Chiu; Wei-chih
2016 Uncertainty and embeddedness: the rising Chinese collaborators for the semiconductor industry in Taiwan 熊瑞梅; 林季誼; Hsung, Ray-may
2016 Why has China failed to manage its energy sector? Vested intersets and regulatory capture 劉致賢; 蔡中民; Liou, Chih-shian; Tsai, Chung-Min
2016 全球化世界格局中的華夏共同體 許倬雲; Hsu, Cho-yun
2016 改革政策與立法引領間的博奕:中國大陸立法法修正之檢視 王文杰; Wang, Wen-chieh
2016 法治,法治國和依法治國 蘇文欽; Su, Yeong-chin
2016 清代中國的互市通商制度 廖敏淑; Liao, Min-shu

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