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2014-12 Acceptance and Translation of J. J. Rousseau's Du Contrat Socail in Modern Korea-Focusing on Hwangsung Shinmun's Rosa Minyaku (1909) 李禮安; Lee, Yea-Ann
2011-12 American Missionaries and the Introduction of Western Political Knowledge in Late Qing China (1861-1896) 潘光哲; Pan, Kuang-Che
2014-06 Application of Statistical Residual Analysis to Humanities Studies: "Using Xin Qing Nian" as Example 金觀濤; Jin, Guan-Tao; 梁穎誼; Leong, Yin-Yee
2017-12 The Appropriation of the Meiji Political Novels in Biography of the Three Makers of Italy 崔文東; Cui, Wendong
2017-06 Association and Book Trade- Liu Naou's Shinwenyi Diary and the Intellectual Communities of East Asia 徐禎苓; Hsu, Chen-ling
2014-12 Between "May Fourth" and "June Fourth": "April Fifth" as a Forgotten Revolutionary Tradition at Tiananmen Square and Its Political Use 潘宗億; Pan, Tsung-Yi
2017-12 The Body Outside of Body: Visual Culture and the History of "I" Phantom 楊玉成; Yang, Yu-Cheng
2012-06 The Change of Superstition in the Late Qing Dynasty and Early Republic of China 陳玉芳; Chen, Yu-Fang
2013-12 The Child as History in Republic China 安德魯.瓊斯; Jones, Andrew F.; 王敦; Wang, Dun
2012-12 China "Asleep" and "Awakening": A Study in Conceptualizing Asymmetry and Coping with It 瓦格納, 魯道夫 G.; Wagner, Rudolf G.; 鍾欣志
2011-12 China Asleep and Awakening : A Study in Conceptualizing Asymmetry and Coping with It 瓦格納, 魯道夫 G.; Wagner, Rudolf G.
2012-06 China Asleep and Awakening: A Study in Conceptualizing Asymmetry and Coping with It 瓦格納, 魯道夫 G.; Wagner, Rudolf G.
2014-12 China, a Man in the Guise of an Upright Female: Photography, the Art of the Hands, and Mei Lanfang's 1930 Visit to the United States 葉凱蒂; Yeh, Catherine
2013-12 Chinese Nationalism in Early Modern China 狩野直喜; Kano, Naoki; 陳威瑨; Chen, Wei-Chin
2012-12 The Chinese Origin of a Romanticism 勒夫喬依; Lovejoy, Arthur O.; 陳碩文; Chen, Shuo-Win
2011-12 Chinese Revolution in the Syntax of World Revolution 陳建華; Chen, Jian-Hua
2015-06 Chinese Whispers: A Story Translated from Italian to English to Japanese and, Finally, to Chinese 陳宏淑; Chen, Hung-Shu
2013-06 The Coming of the Age of "Ism"-A Turning Point in Modern Chinese Intellectual History 王汎森; Wang, Fan-San
2013-06 "Comparison": A Book Review of "Revolution, Enlightenment and Lyricism, The Reflections on the Study of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture" 丁文; Ding, Wen
2017-12 The Complex Chess Game of Compound Languages: Qun/Qunxue and Shehui/Shehuixue in Late Qing China 韓承樺; Han, Cheng-hua
2014-06 The Concept Evaluation of the Image Vision in "Shi Shi Hua Bao" in Guangzhou in Late Qing 祝均宙; Zhu, Jun-Zhou
2013-06 The Concept Origin of Newspaper and Magazine in Modern Times 李玲; Li, Ling
2013-12 The Concepts of Bolshevism and Radicalism in the May Fourth Movement Radicalization 楊立國; Haapanen, Jarkko
2011-12 A Conceptual History Approach to Four "Collective Subjects" during the Colonial Period in Korea 許洙; Hur, Soo
2012-06 Construction, Dissolving and Converting-The Transition in the Ideology of Hero in Modern Chinese 李佩蓉; Lee, Tracy

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