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2017-05 1920至1930年代俄國兒童文學中的中國形象 莉托斯卡; Литовская, Мария Аркадьевна; Яо, Чэнчэн
2016-04 1920至1930年代烏拉爾定期出版物裡的中國與中國人 莉托斯卡; Сяолун, Ши
2019-08 1940至1950年代蘇聯與臺灣政治諷刺畫中的「國民黨集團」及「醜惡的蘇聯」 莉托斯卡; 鄢定嘉
2013 19~21世紀初文學及政論文本中的俄羅斯民間創作先例名:語文結構與修辭功能觀點 黃麗蓉
2018-12 A corpus study of linguistic-cultural conceptualization of FEAR in Chinese and Russian 葉相林; Chui, Kawai; Yeh, Hsiang-lin; Tsai, Jie-li
2020-09 Aktuální výzvy pro didaktiku češtiny jako cizího jazyka z hlediska její dynamiky 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-Hui
2018-09 "And What Russian is There Who Doesn't Love Fast Driving?": Semantic Group of Verbs of Motion in Russian - Form Standard to Substandard 薩承科; Савченко, А.В.; Khmelevskiy, Mikhail S.; Savchenko, Alexandr
2019-02 The Book Art of Russian Futurism in V. Kamensky's Poetry Collection "Tango with Cows" 鄢定嘉; Yen, Ting-chia
2020-09 Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Historical Balkan Bridge Between Cultures, Religions and Nations 薩承科; SAVCHENKO, ALEKSANDR
2020 Česká studia na NCCU (Czech studies at NCCU) 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui; Geppert, Ondřej
2013-11 China in the Discourse of Czech Sinologists 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui
2015-01 Clausal‐packaging of path of motion in Mandarin learners' acquisition of Russian and Spanish 葉相林; Yeh, Hsiang-lin; Сянлинь, Е; Chui, Kawai *; Lan, Wen-Chun; Cheng, Yu-Han
2014-10 The Concept of the Tomsk Regional Corpus: Balance and Representativeness Sologub, Olga; Rezanova, Zoya I.; Temnikova, Irina G.; 索奧加
2017-11 Critical rereading the work "Soviet Russia in China'' by Chiang Kai – Shek// 賴盈銓; Lai, Ying-Chuan
2019-01 Cross-linguistic perspectives on FEAR in Russian and Mandarin Chinese 葉相林; Yeh, Hsiang-lin; Chui, Kawai
2020-08 A Cross-linguistic Study of DO-constructions in Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Czech 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui; Chui, Kawai; Yeh, Hsiang-lin
2015 Current Language Maintenance of the Minority Languages in Central and Eastern Europe 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-Hui
2019-11 Czech Literature and Taiwanese Literature in the Era of the Velvet Revolution 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui
2017-09 An den Ufern des Tamsui,’ in "Kriegsrecht: Neue Literatur aus Taiwan 柯裕棻
2001 Discourse-oriented Lang in Taiwanese and Its Counterparts in Mandarin and Czech. 林蒔慧; Lin, Melissa Shih-hui
2018-12 Effects of word processing and language experience on eye movements in reading Russian as a foreign language 葉相林; Tsai, J.L.; Yeh, Hsiang-lin; Chui, K.; Chen, I-J.
2011 Engineering the Alien, or Let’s Learn English 莉托斯卡; Mariia Litovskaia
2017-09 Ethnic Languages as Values and Anti-Values: a Belarusian Variant 亞榴申娜
2012-06 Exploring Healing Encounters(1)(Part I): Relationships between Sound Space and the Internal Experience of Singing Bowl playing 余德慧; Yee, Der-Heuy
2016-10 The Fourth Wave of Emigration” vs. “Global Russians”: Self-naming as Actual Problem of Forming Identity 莉托斯卡; Литовская, М. А.; Литовская, Е. В.

Showing items 1-25 of 652. (27 Page(s) Totally)
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