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2008-06 New Woman Fiction and Fin de Siecle Urban Commodity Culture 陳音頤; Chen, Eva Yin-I
1999-03 Norm and Power in the Production and Reception of the 1936 Chinese Translation of Lady Chatterley's Lover. 陳音頤
1989-10 NTUMT strategy for prepositional-phrase attachment Chui, Ka-Wai; Lin, Yia-Ping; Huang, Shuanfan
2010-06 Numeral Classifier Buah in Malay: A Corpus-based Study 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2014 Of-constructions in the Predicate of demonstrate and show in Academic Discourse. 鍾曉芳; Chen, Li-yin; Chung, Siaw-Fong
2001-07 On Hakka BUN: A case of polygrammticalization 賴惠玲; Lai,Huei-ling
2014-08 On Marriage: Off-Skew and Out-of-Center (An Approach via Michel Foucault) 羅狼仁
1998-07 On Marriage: The Views of Michel Foucault 羅狼仁
2002-01 On semantic relatedness of the Mandarin polysemous word CHU 賴惠玲; 林素朱
2003-03 On the Appropriateness for Introducing an Early-Start English Curriculum at the Primary Grades in Taiwan 余明忠
2003-03 On the appropriateness for introducing an early-start English curriculum at the primary grades in Taiwan 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
1997-04 On the Rating Strategies used by Raters of the JCEE English Compositions: A Pilot Study 尤雪瑛
2006 On the teaching and learning of L2 sociolinguistic competence in classroom settings 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
2003 On the universality of face: evidence from Chinese compliment response behavior? 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
2003-11 On university of face: Evidence from Chinese compliment response behavior 余明忠; Yu, Ming-chung
1992-11 On V-V compounds and serial verb constructions: an interaction perspective 張郇慧
2013 Ontologies and Conceptual Metaphors in English and Mandarin 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong; Ahrens, Kathleen; Huang, Chu-Ren
2006 An Ontology-based Exploration of Knowledge Systems for Metaphor 鍾曉芳; Chung, Siaw-Fong
1996 Organization of Repair in Chinese Conversation 徐嘉慧; Chui, Kawai
2004 Overlapping Speech in Chinese Conversation Chui, Kawai; 徐嘉慧
2007-09 An Overview of the Goals of Cultural Instruction in Formal English Curricula in Taiwan 李路得; Lee, Lu-de
2019-11 Pain in ‘Esthétique du Mal’ 林婉瑜
1998-11 Parody and Self-Reflection in D.H.Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover 陳音頤
2003-06 A Passage at the Origin of Independence: The Impossible Temporality of the National Event 伍軒宏
2018-09 A Passage from Adam’s Dream to the Cessation of Desire: A Buddhist Reading of John Keats’s ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ 楊麗敏; Yang, Carol L.

Showing items 551-575 of 2014. (81 Page(s) Totally)
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